State Farm Drive Safe and Save review

Have you ever wondered how being a safe driver can help save money on your auto insurance? State Farm’s Drive Safe and Save program is one way to lower your auto insurance premium. It rewards safe drivers with discounts on their vehicle insurance. Programs like Drive Safe and Save can help you get lower rates because of your driving habits.

What is State Farm Drive Safe & Save?

This program is worth considering if you’re a State Farm customer. Drivers who don’t have State Farm insurance but wish to save money on their auto insurance may consider switching providers. This discount could potentially lower the already-competitive rates at one of the country’s top auto insurers. The Drive Safe and Save usage-based policy may offer great savings for responsible drivers.

Drive Safe and Save uses your car’s OnStar or telematics system to collect real-time data about your driving habits. Your driving record will determine how much you can save on your car insurance policy. This program could help you save between 5% to 50% on your auto insurance, according to State Farm.

It is easy to request the Drive Save and Save program online if you have a State Farm policy. You will need to register each car separately if you have multiple cars on your policy.

This is an optional program and can only generate discounts . You don’t have to worry about your policy being canceled for poor driving habits. Participants in the program can receive policy discounts if they have good driving habits. When the usage-based policy is renewed, the discounts are added to your account. Even if you have a bad month, you still stand to save money in the next period.

What makes State Farm Drive Safe and Save Work?

You can seamlessly integrate the Drive Safe and Save app with your Android or iOS phone. State Farm will send you an app, approximately the size of a quarter. This beacon will be attached to your car’s windshield. These are the steps you need to follow in order to download your app and then install it.

  • Text “SAVE” to 78836 for a link to the App Store or Google Play. If your phone is compatible, you will be able download the link.
  • Use your username and password to log in to the app.
  • Your Bluetooth beacon will arrive in the mail within a few days of your enrollment.
  • Once your beacon arrives, you can take it to your vehicle and follow the simple setup instructions in the app.
  • You should find the app easy to use and not too complicated.


Signing up for OnStar technology is easier if your car has it. Your driving habits can be shared with State Farm using your OnStar account and the satellite tracking system’s telematic capabilities. Contact State Farm at 1-888-559-1922 to enroll. Provide the details of your OnStar Plan and a State Farm agent will promptly enroll your eligible vehicle.

What is State Farm Drive Safe and Save Monitor?

Drive Safe and Save is determined by your driving habits and mileage. You can track how many miles you drive and other driving characteristics. These are some of them:

  • Acceleration – If you accelerate too quickly, you lose control of your car and could lead to an accident.
  • Braking – Maintaining a safe distance between your car, and the one in front of it, is just as important as driving at a safe speed. Drive Safe and Save tracks how fast you brake and rewards you if you halt slowly to avoid a collision.
  • Cornering – Telematics will track sharp, quick turns that are unsafe driving habits. You are at risk of a collision if you make sharp or quick turns.
  • Speed – The app will alert you if you go over the speed limit by more than 8 miles per hour. You must obey all speed limits to be considered safe.
  • Phone use – While this is a clear hazard, many people still use their phones while driving. Technology can monitor your movements and screen use to track when you’re using your phone while driving. To increase your safety, avoid using your phone while driving and to get State Farm discounts.
  • Time of Day – Avoid driving in heavy traffic. This includes late-night driving and morning rush hour traffic.

State Farm collects all these factors and incorporates them into your Drive Safe and Save grades. This gives the company a snapshot about your driving skills. These grades determine your discount percentage. State Farm Drive Safe and Save monitors your driving habits and helps you avoid traffic jams and late-night driving. This can lead to a substantial discount on your car insurance.

State Farm Drive Safe and Save: How can you save?

State Farm uses your Drive Safe and Save data every six months to assess how safe you have been driving. It will determine the elements it measures, such as acceleration, braking, and other benchmarks, and assign a discount to your policy. This can be anywhere from 5% to half-off.

Who is Drive Safe and Save a good choice for?

By choosing the Drive Safe and Save program, responsible drivers can save hundreds of bucks annually on their insurance premium. You may be eligible for discounts on your premium if you drive low risk.

This could be a great option for people who wish to improve their driving skills. Signing up is risk-free. The program doesn’t monitor traffic or stop tickets . Participating in the program will not increase your rates if you are already eligible for a discount for driving less than 7500 miles per year or if the data indicates that you have exceeded this.

Young drivers can also benefit from usage-based insurance. This program is for young adults who are just learning to drive. It will provide you with an informal way to see how they’re doing behind the wheel and help you make sure that your child becomes a more responsible driver.

FAQs regarding the Drive Safe and Save Program

What is telematics?

Telematics uses both GPS positioning and onboard diagnostics to determine where you are, your speed, and how you behave. These factors give State Farm an auto insurance company clear data that can be used to assess driver risk and determine driving habits.

Drive Safe and Save can increase your rates

If your vehicle has an existing low-mileage discount (less than 7,500 miles per year), the rate will increase. If you exceed that, your discount will be lost.

Is participation required for all vehicles in a household?

This program is vehicle-specific, so each car is eligible for a discount.

How often are discounts calculated

The accrued savings are calculated each six months at renewal of the usage-based insurance policy. Your driving habits will determine whether your discounts increase or decrease with each renewal.

How can you evaluate your discount program?

Check your discount accrued at:

  • Drive Safe & Save page at
  • Through the State Farm app for mobile
  • Through the Drive Safe and Save app