State Farm Steer Clear review

Before teens can drive safely, they need to be trained. Experience helps teens to become more confident and have safer driving habits. State Farm Steer Clear allows teens and young adults to learn the rules of driving while also qualifying for a d discount on their car insurance.

You may not be aware of the cost to add a young driver onto your auto policy premium. Your new driver must learn the rules and get experience. Steer Clear can help you save money while encouraging young adults to learn the rules quickly.

What is State Farm Steer Clear?

State Farm Steer Clear is a program designed to assist young drivers in improving their driving skills and saving up to 15% on car insurance. Young drivers often have the highest insurance premiums. This is why this program is so important. This program offers an online course, mentorship and on-road training.

The program is not intended to replace traditional driver’s education courses. However, it teaches safe driving habits. State Farm Steer Clear participants must have a valid driver’s license and be less than 25 years of age in most states.

What does State Farm Steer Clear do?

State Farm Steer Clear is open to drivers who want to enroll. To verify eligibility, call your State Farm agent. To complete the online course, interested drivers can download the State Farm Steer Clear app and log driving hours.

The State Farm Steer Clear online training course includes five modules that cover a range of important topics, such as:

  • Blind spots
  • Basics of car safety
  • Change lanes
  • Communication with other drivers
  • In bad weather, driving
  • Parking lots:
  • How to handle emergencies
  • Maintenance
  • Driving and texting

Driving practice is the second component of the program. Each age group has slightly different road requirements. These are the guidelines.

  • Drivers below 19: Take 20 driving trips with a licensed driver who has over 25 supervision.
  • Drivers aged 19-24: Take 5 driving trips with or sans another licensed driver

The State Farm Steer Clear mobile application allows you to record driving hours for each trip. The app allows family members and other drivers to give feedback about the driver’s driving performance.

After the driver has completed the course and earned their on-road hours, they will be issued a certificate of completion. The certificate of completion is then sent to State Farm, where the agent will apply the Steer Clear Safe Driver Discount on the insurance premium. To qualify, the only condition is that you must complete all requirements within six months.

Who qualifies for State Farm Steer Clear?

While many young drivers are eligible to take advantage of State Farm Steer Clear, there are some prerequisites.

  • You must be under 25 and have less than three years driving experience
  • Valid driver’s licence
  • In the past three years, there have been no traffic violations or at-fault incidents
  • Within six months, complete the in-app course.

Surprisingly, the most crucial qualification is missing from State Farm’s online information regarding the Steer Clear program. All vehicles within a household must be covered by State Farm to be eligible.

Before enrolling in this program, the teen must have a State Farm policy if they own a car. They can still claim the discount if they add to an existing State Farm auto policy of a parent or relative.

The State Farm Steer Clear App

Users are highly pleased with the State Farm Steer Clear app. It has an average rating of 4.7 stars in the Apple App Store. The Google Play Store has over 750 reviews, with an average rating of 4 stars. Steer Clear is available to download on iOS or Android. Users can also text STEER (78836) to receive a link.

The State Farm Steer Clear app can be used in a simple way. It features a simple interface with dashboards that allow you to monitor progress towards module completions and set driving goals. Most users found the course modules to be easy to follow and the learning material was not more complicated than that on a permit exam.

The State Farm Steer Clear app tracks driving in real time and provides drivers with a score once they have completed a trip. The app tracks the car’s movements and calculates speed, turning, and other maneuvers. The app also records the duration of the trip. This makes it easy to log in the on-road hours log.

Many users complained that the accuracy of driving scores was inaccurate or faulty. Users expressed frustration at the inability of the app to accurately record their trip without having to reset half-way. The app also records breaking, but there are some issues. One reviewer stated that the app took points from them for breaking too hard when they were actually pulling over for an ambulance to pass.

Is it worth the State Farm Steer Clear Program?

State Farm’s Steer Clear Program makes it simple for drivers younger than 25 to learn the rules and gain driving experience. It also allows them to save on car Insurance. Steer Clear by State Farm can help you save up to 15% on your auto insurance premium. Steer Clear offers training that includes video, modules, quizzes, practice driving sessions and mentoring, as well as a certificate.

There are, however, some drawbacks to State Farm Steer Clear. Different laws apply to different states. To be eligible for the discount, drivers in certain states must be younger than 24 and have less than three years driving experience. The discount cannot be applied until the program is completed and must be completed within six month. State Farm’s Steer Clear program is not available to drivers who have been involved in an at-fault moving violation or accident within the last three years.

Questions frequently asked

How much does Steer Clear lower your premium?

State Farm claims that young drivers can save up to 15% on their car insurance premiums by enrolling in the Steer Clear program.

What is the State Farm Steer Clear Program?

Drivers can claim the discount by completing the State Farm Steer Clear program within six months. It is possible to complete the course much quicker because drivers can do it at their own pace.

Who can sign up to State Farm Steer Clear

Drivers must be less than 25 years old, have at least three years driving experience, hold a valid driver’s license, and have not been in an accident or received citations within the past three years to be eligible for State Farm Steer Clear.