Stop Wasting Time and Money on Your Motor Trade Insurance

The number of new and used cars is down and car owners are seeking lower prices for servicing and repairing their vehicles. This is a sign that the entire automotive industry is in trouble. These are sad, but true statements that many auto businesses have had to face. They want to save money and cut costs.

Body repairers, used car outlets and mot stations, as well as other businesses involved in the motor trade, could save money by purchasing motor trade insurance policies. This is because for many traders, it is their largest outgoing.

These are just a few ways motor traders can stop wasting time and money on purchasing their combined insurance policy.

Motor traders must first decide what they want from motor trade insurance. Are you looking for the lowest premium or the most coverage? Would you prefer to deal with a local broker or one who can provide the same or greater cover as you have, but at a lower price? There are specialist motor trade brokers that can search the insurance market on your behalf, even if they’re not near you. This could save you a lot of time searching around. You can often get the same or even more coverage for a fraction of the cost that you currently pay because motor trade insurance specialists have access schemes and facilities not available to other brokers.

Do you think that calling a dozen brokers to save time and spending your time with each one makes sense? It isn’t true. Unless the brokers you choose all specialize in motor trade insurance, there are chances that they will all approach the same insurance companies and return to you with identical quotes. It would be better to spend your time and effort choosing one motor trade specialist broker to compare with your current insurance provider.

Let’s not waste time or money. How would you respond if your current broker gave you a quote but you later found a better one elsewhere and your broker said they would match it? Do you feel happy to have saved money, or do you question your current broker. Why would they not give you the price if they were able to price match? Could they have cut their premiums this year or the year before? If a broker doesn’t give you the best price, they will play with your finances and time. They are making decisions for you, not you. Motor trade insurance is not a game. Ask your broker to give you the best price the first time they renew your premium.