The Different Types Of Commercial Insurance Brokers

For the average citizen, the world of commercial brokers is a mystery. This is because commercial insurance is one of the most complex branches of insurance.

For example, few people will know that there are many types of commercial insurance brokers available. Each one has its own unique ways of operating, strengths, and limitations. Most people will only be aware that there are large, established insurance companies. The smaller, more niche operators will only be known to a small percentage of the general population, usually through research or word-of-mouth. Sometimes, however, these other types of commercial brokers might be better suited to what an individual or company is looking for than the more mainstream options. This article aims to expose potential clients to all types of commercial insurers so they can choose the one that best suits their particular situation.

Brokers that are insured-owned

These companies, which are owned by insurers, are the most prevalent and prolific segment of the commercial insurance market. This category includes many of the most prominent and well-known commercial insurance brokers. These outfits are usually owned by large insurance corporations, which often dictate their standards. This model was the industry standard in some countries for decades. But, its effectiveness has been declining recently. Many experts now believe that the model is obsolete. It is also predicted that insurable commercial insurance brokers will continue losing market space over time.

Broker Networks

Broker networks consist of small-sized commercial insurance brokers who share resources, assets, market opportunities, and other business information. This model is ideal and beneficial for companies who choose to join. Many of the networks offer better commissions to individual brokers, as well as better service conditions for the whole network. However, there are still differences in how countries adhere to this network.

Consolidated Brokers

Consolidated brokers in commercial insurance are created when one company acquires, buys out or consolidates any number of smaller ones. This is similar to a corporate merge. In certain markets, consolidations were quite common. The practice has been losing steam, however, due to the uncertainty surrounding the exact benefits that consolidation processes can bring. This has led to many brokers leaving the business. It is possible that, much like insurance-owner brokers, this type of brokerage firm will lose more ground over time.

Independent Brokers

Independent brokers are the fourth type of brokerage firm. These are brokers that aren’t associated with any of the three types mentioned earlier in this article. These smaller brokerage firms are often owned or family-run and have smaller client bases. They also tend to concentrate on specialized or less researched areas. Independent brokers offer a more personal service with more face-to-face interaction and more time dedicated to each case. While this type of company is less common than those listed above, it’s still possible to find a few independent brokers in the commercial insurance industry. They are known for their loyal customer base.

These are the major types of commercial insurance brokers that are available to customers. To avoid disappointment later, it is up to the individual to determine which type of business structure would best suit their needs.