Insurance Mailers – 11 Best Mailing Tips & Top Writing Tricks

To prepare your insurance mailers, you don’t necessarily need to be a professional copywriter. Here are 11 proven methods to ensure your prospect or insurance mailers get responded to quickly and efficiently.

1. Write a list of benefits and features. This is the best way to get moving. This will eliminate procrastination and writers block, which are common excuses for agents. Make this the most profitable mailer you’ve ever written. Get two 3×5 cards. The first card should contain the numbers 1 through 6 in a downward-oriented format.. Write a prime feature about the insurance product after each number. Your second file card should be numbered the same way. This card should contain the benefit that your client will get if they purchase insurance from you. Use a marker to renumber your cards, starting at the top benefit.

2. WHY SHOULD THE READER BUY YOUR PRODUCT? Get another file card and write five emotions that strike your prospect in the stomach or heart. You could be “greed to miss out on a great price”, “fear of financial loss”, or “wants improve your self-image” among many other reasons.

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3. WRITING A BRILLIANT HEADLINE. Over 70% of sales mailers that are profitable result from a catchy headline. Your prospect should be intrigued by the headline. Take a look at the headlines in the tabloids as you shop in the grocery store. They evoke emotions again and again. You should actually write down some that make you want more. On the fourth file card, write four compelling headlines about your insurance policy.

4. THINK BRIEF and TO THE POINT. The most successful sales mailers are always written from the point of view of your customers. Your company logo should not be used in your sales message. To make it easier for prospects to read, leave plenty of white space. If your intended graphic is not so striking, leave it out. When you are done, remember that there are only two styles of type.

5. INCLUDE YOUR LOOKS IN YOUR SALES MAILER. Looks matter. Your sales message will read even less boring if it looks dull. This is your chance to make her scream in pain. You can use short sentences or phrases. A series of bulleted points can grab the attention of your reader and make him want to continue reading.

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6. FIND ANOTHER WAY TO GO. You’ll get lost if you stop making spelling and grammar corrections. You can even forget about rewriting sentences. You can tell yourself that you will reward yourself if your sales mailer is completed within 45 minutes.

7, WRITE a P.S. Always write a P.S. at the end of any writing. Even if your insurance mailers are thrown in the trash, the headline and the P.S. Even if some of your insurance mailers get tossed in the trash, chances are that the headline and P.S. This is a top writing trick that is often overlooked.

8. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF, AND THEN RELAX. You don’t have a successful sales mailer yet. But you will, if you put it aside for now. Put it away until the new era begins.

9. AN OPTION PRINT TWO COPIES OF YOUR SALES MARKETING TEXT Two friends should take five minutes each to make any necessary changes to your sales message. They aren’t pros at $1,500 per letter, but they may give you that extra spark you didn’t know you needed.

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10. RETURN YOUR SALES MESSAGE. It will surprise you at how weak the first attempt was. To get your prospect’s emotions fired up, add at least three thunder-clashing adjectives.

11. REWRITE YOUR SALES MESSAGE AGAIN. To make your sales mailer more profitable, rewrite it. This final copy should be twice as stimulating and engaging as the original draft. This is necessary if you desire to get twice the response. You should remove all references to you or your insurance company and keep to the benefits of the product. This may sound terrible at first. It is actually one the best insurance tips.

To create insurance mailers that maximize response, allow 7-10 days. Your goal is to maximize the profits from your sales messages.. When you have finished the first draft, print the revised copy paper and attach the $500 bill. Each revision is given another $500. You will find that the 500-dollar bills used were not sufficient.