The Strangest Things That Insurance Plans Will and Will Not Cover

Protection seems like something that can be bought for every situation.

It can feel like insurance policies can cover all situations. However, you can also purchase protection that covers only certain areas.

Celebrities are well-known for purchasing bizarre policies.

While most people wouldn’t blink if they were asked about homeowners or auto insurance, coverage is one way celebrities’ lives can be different from ours. Actors, singers, actors, and athletes are all buying policies that would not be thought of by the average person. Mariah Carey bought a $1 billion policy on her legs, not her voice. Stars love having odd kinds of covers, from the $1.6 million Keith Richards spent on his middle finger (because he uses it for playing the guitar) to the $1 billion Mariah Carey took out on her legs.

It’s not only one body part that requires insurance.

David Beckham, for example, has an insurance policy worth $151 million that covers his entire body. This despite the fact he is now retired from soccer.

These policies are for celebrities who have their feet on the ground. Shirley MacLaine is aware that not all problems are here on Earth. What if aliens came down to her and took her captive? She is not worried, as she has a policy of $25 million that will pay her if any little green men abduct her and return her to Earth.

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However, while you can ensure that your hands are covered for everything, including the fact that you will be paid a commission while you recuperate from an unexpected vacation on an alien vessel, there are certain events that may not be covered.

Find out what your insurance policy will do for you.

If you were looking for another reason to have safe sex, you might be interested in hearing that STDs are not usually covered by typical homeowners insurance. However, they do provide coverage for bodily injuries. You might think twice before you conclude that STDs shouldn’t be a concern.

You are thinking of inviting a neighbor to your home for a glass of wine and a relaxing evening. You might consider inviting a neighbor over for a glass of wine and a cozy evening. However, your homeowners insurance will not cover you if they leave with more than you bargained. This is a common issue that people have tried to resolve in court.

Although not all cases and lawsuits are the same, it’s a good idea check into your insurance policies (such as your homeowners policy) to see what they cover. Even if your situation isn’t covered, your insurer might pay for legal fees. There are many factors that can help you make this determination. Ask your agent about what type of coverage you have in case of crazy claims or special circumstances.

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