Top 2 Quick And Effective Insurance Marketing Ideas

You should be constantly looking for innovative and new ways to market insurance to your agency if you are an Insurance Agent. These ideas must be implemented correctly so that they can produce explosive results. To be a successful agent in the highly competitive industry of insurance, you must create marketing strategies to build prospects list and ensure your agency is visible everywhere buyers are looking.

Top 2 Insurance Marketing Ideas are great websites and social media. They bring in leads every day to top agents. These campaigns both rely on building a prospect list that can be advertised to or marketed to daily. Prospects will see your agency on an almost daily basis and eventually they will come back to you.

Idea #1: Websites for Insurance Marketing

Although most agents have websites, the vast majority of them aren’t doing what they should. Websites should be used as a hub of information and list building. Many insurance agency websites were created to make it appear that they are part of the technology revolution. Your website probably does not do anything for you. Top insurance agents know that building prospect lists and generating leads is the number one goal of a website. Your website should be producing a list of prospects from several hundred people per month. It is easy to do.

Here are some quick tips for what your website should have. * Keyword optimization throughout the entire site
* Search Engine Optimized (SEO) to rank in the top 5 Search Engine Listings such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
* Get free giveaways and opt-in forms. You can get them to join your mailing list by giving them the Top Tip for the month.
* Search Engines can rank high your site by linking to it from back, external and internal links
• Provide excellent content for your website. People will return to your site if you have great content.
* Link back and forth to your Social Media Sites. Show prospects and customers all of your specials and offers.

Social Media: #2 Insurance Marketing Idea

Agents who are looking for new ways to market their insurance products are increasingly turning to social media. Veteran insurance agents prefer to avoid MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter. These agents don’t know much about technology or don’t realize what it can do for them. This is the biggest mistake they can make. I was once one of these agents. I discovered that people use Twitter and Facebook all the time. Your agency will be more visible to the right people and you will receive more leads. You just need to take a little more effort to market your agency via the Social Media channels. Social Media is different for businesses than for individuals. Social media is used by businesses to create lists and market to them through entertainment and information. Your goal is to get people reading your emails and visiting your sales pages every day. This can be achieved with great content through the Social Media channels. You can learn how to create Facebook sales pages within your accounts by taking a few minutes each day.

SEO-optimized websites and production Social Media campaigns are the best ideas for insurance marketing.