Travelling Across Europe? Don’t Forget Your Insurance

It seems that people are increasingly willing to take their car with them when they travel to Europe. In recent years, it is estimated that approximately three million people have taken their car to Europe. This trend is clearly on the rise. While it is important to remember to drive on the right-hand side of the road, having the right insurance is equally important.

No matter what level of car insurance you have, all UK insurers must provide the legal minimum insurance. This is usually only third-party coverage – if your car is taken to a country which is a member of EU. This applies to only a few other European countries with which the UK has an agreement (such as Iceland). You will still need the documents to prove that your car insurance is valid.

You can’t assume your insurance company will provide the same coverage if you travel in Europe with a comprehensive policy. Many will not.

Many policies provide comprehensive coverage in most EU countries, and sometimes in a few non-EU countries. However, you must inform the insurance company prior to you travel. These companies usually provide coverage for 30 to 45 days at no cost. However, it is best that you verify this with your provider.

Other insurers may only offer comprehensive coverage for your car for a period of two to three days. If your vacation is longer, they will charge you extra. Some insurers also charge premiums for comprehensive coverage outside of the UK. The amount you pay could be flat or tied to your length of stay, type of car, and country.

It was a common practice to bring a Green Card, which is a document issued by insurers, with you when you travel abroad. This was evidence that your car was insured. In modern times, you don’t need to carry a Green Card. Your insurance certificate suffices if you travel within the EU. Your car insurance certificate will be accepted by other countries such as Norway, Iceland, and Switzerland.

If you’re traveling in Eastern Europe or visiting non-EU nations, however, a Green Card may still be required. Contact your insurance company if you require one.

You should understand that there are very few policies that provide breakdown coverage while driving abroad. However, it is possible to get car insurance policies with this feature if you do your research. If your current breakdown policy doesn’t cover you, you can either upgrade it or purchase a separate one.

It is important that your vehicle has been maintained regularly. If you need to file a claim, you might be asked to provide proof. You can travel across Europe with less stress if you choose the right insurance policy. The only thing you need to worry about is driving on the right side of the road.