Van Insurance Companies – 3 Top Tips

Van Insurance Companies – What you need to know!

In the past few years, Insurance Companies have been focused on getting you into their system. They will do anything necessary to get you in.

I’ve seen major industry changes while working in the industry.

Van Insurance Companies and What They Want.

  • Tip No1 The most important thing Insurance Companies want is your information so they can contact you if they lose your business. They have broken the golden rule in retail insurance. It’s a nightmare. You will receive calls and junk mail from every company for the next month. And you may also be informed about any other services they offer. You can choose to not receive offers from Van Insurance Quote Online. Also, you can indicate that you don’t want your information to be shared with any other companies. Some Insurance Companies ask you to tick the box “YOU WANT” in order to receive offers.
  • Tip 2 – Many large companies have altered their trading models, just like Direct Line or Aviva. They have taken out of Insurance Comparison sites to avoid paying commissions to third-party introduction services. This has been taken into consideration by many Insurance Companies. It has resulted in a slight increase in online advertising, with special offers like “Pay for 12 months and get 13”. While large companies may claim that they don’t use price comparison websites, what they really mean by this is that they are a price comparison service for Insurance Companies.
  • Tip No3 Special offers such as a one-month free policy are a clever marketing tool. The other companies have a 12-month point of contact system so that they can see if your business is still available. This means that if you see other companies offering “price beating” offers for 13 months, it is a distraction point. Your policy will not need to be renewed for at least another month. If you accept the 13-for-12 offer, they will continue to do so, pushing you further away than the other companies who think your renewal is due. You know as well as I that 5 envelopes will drop at your door. If one offers the same price with an extra month, then you can decide who to use.

You want what you want. To ensure you get what you want and not what they want you to buy, you should always be able to identify what you need. This includes free breakdown coverage, legal insurance, a courtesy vehicle, and legal insurance. Although most people claim they are free, they must have a hidden cost in the policy to cover any additional services.

This is a good place to start looking for Van Insurance Companies offering deals like 13 months at the price of 12.

We don’t offer any discounts upfront because every policy is unique. Instead of saying you get one month for free, we simply say that we are the cheapest Van Insurance Company. If you find a cheaper policy from another company, we will refund your money!