Why Invest in UTI Midcap Fund to Grow Wealth?

Building wealth is quite simple. It doesn’t require luck or special connections. To learn the secrets and tips shared by others, you don’t have to attend financial seminars. There is no secret, as the saying goes. There are no tricks or tips that can make you rich. Instead, you must believe it and do what is best for your financial situation. UTI Midcap Fund may be useful in this regard.

Before you make any investments, it is important to remember these things. Let’s first briefly discuss them.

  1. You must make more than you earn. First, to create wealth for the future, you have to earn money. This money can be multiplied to generate a corpus. There are many ways to make a decent income. It is important to identify the most feasible and profitable sources of income. You must also manage the money you earn. You must also make sure you have some savings aside to supplement your income. This is the source of your real money.
  2. Develop a pattern of investing that results in wealth accumulation – The next thing you should consider after earning income, is to develop a routine of investing. You will need to choose an effective mutual fund plan once you are ready to invest in mutual funds. UTI Midcap Fund can be used by investors to make better investments and build wealth. Your path to building a large corpus will be easier if you invest your money in UTI Mid Cap Fund via SIP, or lump sum payment.

Let’s now look at the main reasons UTI Mid Cap Fund should be a part of your wealth-building plan.

  1. UTI Midcap, an open-ended small and mid-cap fund that invests in midcap stocks, is designed to provide capital appreciation for investors.
  2. It offers investors a Dividend option, which can help in long-term financial stability.
  3. NIFTY MIDCAP 100 is the benchmark against which the scheme’s performance is measured. It has been deemed that the fund has outperformed the norm since its inception.
  4. The scheme’s absolute annual returns reached 74.9 percent in 2014, which is a testament to its effectiveness in generating higher profits.
  5. Annualized returns for UTI Mid Cap Fund are 30.9 percent and 26.3% respectively, for investment over three- and five years.
  6. CRISIL ranked it ‘Second in the Small & Mid Cap’ category for the quarter that ended in September 2016.
  7. UTI Midcap Dividend NAV was Rs.50.029 on January 18, 2017. This is an appreciable amount for current investors when valuing their net worth.
  8. The scheme’s total fund, which was Rs.3,291.06 on December 31, 2016, had been invested in diverse sectors such as banking & finance and manufacturing, technology chemicals, cement, and many other industries.
  9. M&M Financial and Bharat Forge are the top holdings. Tata Chemicals, NCC and SRF are also among the top holdings.

The UTI Mid Cap Fund D (the above description) can be used to conclude that this scheme has the potential of helping in the future growth of a huge amount of money. This plan is for investors who want to build a large portfolio of wealth over the long-term. This plan can be used to help you achieve your investment goals if you have similar investment needs.