Does Insurance Cover Braces for Kids?


The biggest concern parents have about braces for their child is not the cost of treatment, but the potential costs. While it’s not difficult to see that orthodontic care is expensive, you can still use your dental insurance to pay for it. What coverage is available for Invisalign and braces? What can you do to save money if you aren’t covered by insurance? Today, Powell’s orthodontist answers all these questions and more.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Braces for Children?

As with all things that have to do with insurance, the first answer is . It depends. Although every policy offers different benefits, most dental insurance plans will cover braces for dependents under 19. The majority of dental insurance plans will cover orthodontics for a dependent under 19. This is usually in the form a lifetime benefit. It means that a lump sum of money can be used to pay for treatment. Once it’s gone it’s gone. It is easy to get insurance that will pay for braces for children who are meant to improve their speech and eating habits. However, some insurances might not be willing to pay if the treatment is purely cosmetic.

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What about Invisalign?

Because Invisalign can be seen only on the face, it is not usually covered by dental insurance. If a child’s orthodontist is able to show that Invisalign treatment is necessary for their child’s health, certain plans may be able to pay for it. If you read your policy, Invisalign is not likely to be mentioned by name. Instead, look for phrases such as “aligner treatment” and “clear aligners” in order to determine what kind of coverage you have.

What if I don’t have insurance?

Parents who don’t have insurance or whose dental coverage doesn’t cover their child’s treatment can find other options that will help to offset the costs and make it affordable. Shirck Orthodontics offers interest-free financing and a discount on the first payment. We are the only practice that offers braces and Invisalign at the same price. This means you can pick the treatment that is most suitable for your child without paying a premium.

It doesn’t matter what price you pay for orthodontic treatment for your child. The lifelong benefits are well worth it. And thanks to the many options available at Shirck Orthodontics we are ready to take great care of your little one as well as your pocketbook. We will make sure that your child’s new smile doesn’t cause financial stress for your family.

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