Why the Ink Business Unlimited is a good flat-rate cash back card for businesses

Business owners have enough on their plate, without keeping track of rotating rewards categories or tiered bonus spending being one more worry. That is why Ink Business Unlimited provides an easy, straightforward cashback program that comes complete with numerous advantages to help support a small business.

The card offers a competitive 1.5% cash back reward without an annual fee. Rewards come in the form of Chase Ultimate Rewards points which can be redeemed for statement credits, direct deposits and travel/gift card benefits.

1. No categories to track

The Ink Business Unlimited card is an excellent option for business owners who want to enjoy rewards on all of their business spending without needing to choose bonus categories individually. It works well for companies that spend across multiple categories like home improvement stores, gas stations, dining and travel and don’t meet minimum spending requirements associated with cards offering fixed bonus categories.

The card offers 1.5% cash back on all purchases without restrictions or caps for any category of spending, and an introductory APR of 0% for purchases for up to twelve months; however, balance transfers do not qualify for this promotional rate.

This card doesn’t charge an annual fee and provides businesses with numerous advantages, including purchase protections and extended warranty card coverage as well as access to Chase Ultimate Rewards. Furthermore, Chase allows users to transfer points between eligible Chase cards in order to maximize the value of rewards earned.

Though the Ink Business Unlimited card offers many attractive features that make it ideal for small businesses, before applying you should keep several factors in mind. First and foremost is having at least 670 as your FICO score to qualify; you also must either own or be part of the management team of a company to be approved; freelancing or operating as sole proprietor are not accepted as valid applications; it’s possible, however, for someone using personal bank accounts for business expenses to still qualify for the card.

The Ink Business Unlimited card is an ideal solution for business owners who prioritize an uncapped 1.5% cash back rewards rate and $900 sign-up bonus without hassles or limits, however different cards may better fit your needs based on earning categories, annual fees or features – to help make this choice easier, we have taken a deeper dive into both this card and its rival – Ink Business Cash credit card.

2. No annual fee

The Ink Business Unlimited has one of the most attractive flat-rate cash back rates for small-business owners who don’t wish to activate quarterly categories or keep track of bonus spending categories – not to mention no annual fee is charged with this card!

Ink Business Unlimited rewards come in the form of Chase Ultimate Rewards points that can be redeemed at 1 cent per point towards merchandise or gift cards – providing greater redemption flexibility than some cards which restrict redemption options or require minimum redemption amounts to meet.

This card provides your business with numerous advantages that can provide significant value. These perks include travel protections such as 24/7 pay-per-use roadside assistance and primary rental car insurance if you opt out of rental company coverage, expense reporting features such as free employee cards and account alerts as well as business expense reporting tools and account alerts. Unfortunately, however, many no annual-fee cards now include similar perks making the Ink Business Unlimited less desirable for cardholders planning on holding more than one business credit card in future.

Important to know is that this card carries a foreign transaction fee of 3% of each purchase made in U.S. dollars, which could prove costly if your business spends heavily outside the US. Travelers might prefer one without foreign transaction fees or with lower foreign transaction rates for international trips.

If you’re interested in earning high, flat-rate rewards rates without restrictions or tracking, the Ink Business Unlimited card should be given serious consideration. With its generous sign-up bonus and 1.5% cash back on all purchases, this card provides ample earning potential – combined with one of Chase Ultimate Rewards’ premium cards it could even make your earnings potential even greater!

Be sure to consider all features and perks when determining whether a credit card is appropriate for your business, such as its features and perks, your needs, spending habits, as well as existing cards you already own. All will play an integral part in your decision.

3. A generous sign-up bonus

As a business owner, your spending habits and preferences vary, making it essential to find a credit card that fits you well. The Ink Business Unlimited is an ideal no annual fee card offering an above-average flat cash back rate as well as an impressive sign-up bonus compared to similar no fee options.

Sign-up bonuses offer cardholders up to $900 in rewards if they spend $6,000 within three months of opening an account, making this offer one of the best cash back offers with no annual fee.

If you own another Chase Ultimate Rewards card, transferring its points can further bolster the value of Ink Business Unlimited card. Doing this gives access to hotel and airline transfer partners that could allow for redemption of points for luxury travel at up to 10 times their value; making this an especially appealing option when using Ink Business Unlimited card for business travel.

Other cards with higher flat-rate cash back offers, like Capital One Spark Cash Select, don’t match the Ink Business Unlimited’s sign-up bonus or add benefits such as primary theft and collision damage coverage on car rentals. However, the latter card provides 5% cash back when travel bookings are made through Capital One Travel and no annual fee applies.

The Ink Business Unlimited card is an excellent option for business owners seeking an easy, no-annual-fee card that provides above-average flat cash back and an impressive sign-up bonus. Plus, its no tracking categories or worrying about earning bonus points in specific spending categories compared with cards such as Ink Business Preferred which offers lucrative earnings such as its 100,000 point bonus after spending $8,000 within three months!

4. Flexible redemption options

If you’re in search of a business credit card that allows for flat cash back earnings without categories to track or minimum spending requirements, then Ink Business Unlimited could be worth your consideration. With generous welcome offers and one of the best intro APR offers on new purchases plus plenty of useful business-oriented perks at your disposal – not to mention its lower annual fee than some cards with similar features and benefits!

The Ink Business Unlimited provides flexible rewards redemption options, such as being able to cash back (as either a statement credit or direct bank deposit), travel, merchandise, gift cards and more through Chase’s Ultimate Rewards portal. Furthermore, earned rewards can also be converted to higher value transferable Ultimate Rewards points at up to 10 cents each; this could prove especially advantageous when combined with premium personal Ultimate Rewards cards like Chase Sapphire Preferred(r) or Reserve(r). These cards provide increased value per point when used towards travel through their portal redemption options.

Add employee cards to your Ink Business Unlimited account at no additional charge and set individual spending limits for each of them, giving employees freedom to make business purchases on their own without needing to submit expense reports or wait for reimbursements. Each card also comes equipped with helpful travel coverages such as auto rental collision damage waiver and roadside assistance services for added peace of mind.

The Ink Business Unlimited card is ideal for small-business owners seeking a straightforward 1.5% cash back on all spending without needing to track individual categories, or meet minimum spending requirements. It should also be considered if your spending falls into more specific areas such as office supplies or internet, cable and phone services; or need a card offering more attractive rewards in specific categories (for airfare/hotel stays/other travel services/etc), since the Ink Business Unlimited doesn’t earn bonus points in those areas – in these instances it may be wiser to look into business cards offering better rewards or those with lower minimum spending requirements or minimum spending requirements that offer more lucrative rewards in those specific categories (the Ink Business Unlimited doesn’t earn bonus points).