Young Drivers Car Insurance – The Ins and Outs of Car Insurance for Teenagers


It is difficult to find affordable insurance for young drivers. Teenagers are more likely to be involved in car accidents and die than any other driver. All car insurance companies must insure teens. This risk is reflected by the high price of young driver’s car insurance. Despite all of this, learner driver insurance is still affordable.

Adding the driver to your parents’ auto insurance can be a great way to save money on insurance for young drivers. The insurance company will be able to verify that the teen is a safe and reliable driver. They also have proof of a steady income. This greatly reduces the cost of coverage.

A person can also lower their deductible to save money on insurance for young drivers. A person must understand what a deductible is. A driver who lowers the deductible will have to pay most of the costs associated with an accident. Drivers should consider what they are doing before lowering their deductible.

Teens can reduce their insurance rates by taking a driver’s education course in their area. Teens who do this will prove to insurance companies that they can drive safely and will lower their rates. Students with a GPA of B’ or better are eligible for a good student discount. This also lowers the premium.

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Driving an older car and insuring it is the final way to save money on premiums. This is something that many teenagers won’t like. However, it will save them lots of money. The premiums for older cars will be lower. Some teenagers have taken this into consideration and started driving second-hand cars. Teenagers would pay very high premiums for car insurance if they bought a brand new car.

The problem is that, even though teens aren’t charged for accidents or tickets, the premiums they pay to insure learner drivers is outrageously high. Methods must be developed to reduce the financial burden that new drivers have to pay for their car insurance premiums. Major car insurance companies have taken initiative to reduce premiums. Below are two of these programs.

  1. High grades This program is designed for students who consistently receive high school grades. The student’s grades and ability to maintain them will affect the premium for car insurance. A reduction in premium may be possible up to 35%.
  2. Drivers Education Course This program allows teenagers to enroll in driver’s education courses that are state-licensed. After a teenager has completed the course, and can show an insurance company that they have done so, he/she is eligible for a reduction in his/her premiums.
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These are two programs insurance companies use to lower the premiums for new drivers. Teens should check with their car insurance company before enrolling in these programs. Insurance companies offer a variety of discount programs to help new drivers lower their car insurance premiums. Talk to your car insurance company representative or go to the company’s website to find out more about these programs.