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Obstacles One Faces When Selling Life Insurance

Selling life insurance can present a number of challenges that can seem daunting or even frightening. “No one is more resilient than the man selling insurance.” It’s an old saying. It was a common refrain that life insurance agents used to remember. This was because they knew that salesmen faced rejection and animosity just like any other professional. They […]

Does Medicare Cover the Shingles Vaccine?

Yes, it’s covered through Medicare Part D plans and Medicare Advantage plans with prescription drug coverage. Medicare Advantage plans with prescription drug coverage and Medicare Part D plans, also known as Medicare drug plans, and Medicare Advantage plans with prescription drugs coverage both cover the shingles vaccine. This prevents shingles infections. It is approved for […]

Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans: What You Need to Know

Medicare Part D is the optional portion of Medicare that covers prescription drugs. Medicare Part D, an optional program that covers prescription drugs and is offered by private insurers under federally approved plans, is available. The monthly premium for most recipients varies depending on the plan. There may also be co-pays or other costs. Part D was […]

Medicare Part B: What It Covers, What It Costs

Medicare Part B is outpatient coverage that helps pay for doctor visits and other medical services and supplies. Medicare Part B, also known as Medicare Part A, is the Medicare portion that covers doctor visits and outpatient medical services. The average monthly premium for 2021 will be $148.50. The premium is adjusted every year and can change […]

What is Currency Trading? How Its Beneficial to New Traders?

Currency trading can be described as exchanging currencies. You can acquire currency at one price, then sell it later for a higher price to reap the benefits. It is the world’s largest financial market. Over two trillion dollars worth of currencies are traded every day. The transaction volume is staggering in New York and has a huge impact on […]

5 Common Mistakes Made by P2P Investors/Lenders

Every day we make mistakes. Because of uncertainty, investments are no different. It is important to avoid common investment mistakes. Although peer to peer lending is the newest and fastest-growing investment platform in India, it does come with its risks. There is huge potential for lenders to make higher returns on their money than equity, given the large […]