What You Can Do to Keep Your Car and Your Auto Insurance Safe From Theft

The moment they leave their house or work to find a vacant parking space where their car was, is one of the most difficult moments in a car owner’s day. It’s hard to believe that your car was stolen.

The good news? If you have comprehensive coverage for your vehicle, you are protected against financial problems if your car is stolen. It should be replaced by your insurance company in its entirety. Auto theft is often a high-risk category. This means that you have no control over the price of your car insurance. In the grand scheme, a car being stolen is not the worst thing that can happen (although it is going to cost you a lot to replace all the things you have in your car).

Unfortunately, while they process your claim and pay you, you will be left behind.

The fear of your car being stolen is far more frightening than the benefits of having it replaced with one of the many nationwide auto insurance companies. Today’s most important auto insurance companies operate on a nationwide basis. It’s important to make sure your car is safe and sound, and that it stays parked exactly where you left it.

You filled out a questionnaire when you bought your first auto insurance policy. This included questions about your car’s safety features, such as anti-lock brakes and seat belts. These security features, along with a 10% discount on your auto insurance, can help keep your car safe out in the public. You might consider one of these options if you want to ensure your car stays put.

1) A car alarm.

2) A GPS tracking locator which allows you to track your car in case it is stolen by thieves.

3. A fuel switch that makes it difficult for criminal elements to start your car. Even if they do manage to get your car started, they should be able to locate the security switch quickly enough that they can be caught before they make off.

4) The Club. It’s old school but it works! It works!

These are the basic rules to follow when out and about, in addition to extra security paraphernalia. Even if you don’t see it, lock it when you leave it. Never leave keys in the ignition or on the front seat. Don’t leave valuable equipment unattended. You can’t cover your expensive stereo system. But your $2,000 computer can be kept in your trunk. This way, passersby won’t notice it and will decide to sell your car (and your stereo system) on the open market.

While nobody wants their car to be stolen, it is an unfortunate fact that auto theft is something that happens every day for all drivers. While it’s nice to know that your auto insurer will help you to replace your investment in case of disaster, do you really want them to just wait until you get a check? An ounce of prevention can be worth as much as $5-10,000 in this instance.