Is the Soclean Cpap Cleaner Covered by Insurance?


CPAP treatment is a life-enhancing process, but it also comes with a lot of problems and dissatisfactions. It can take a lot of time to keep your CPAP clean. A few products have been created to help individuals save time cleaning their CPAP. SoClean 2 is by far the most popular item.

The SoClean 2 is an automated CPAP hardware cleaner/sanitizer. The SoClean 2 can clean and sanitize your CPAP hose, mask, and water chamber. It doesn’t require you to take apart any parts each day. The machine doesn’t require water or any muddled, synthetic substances. Your hardware will remain completely dry.

SoClean allows CPAP clients to quickly and securely clean and disinfect their equipment. This eliminates 99.9% of CPAP microbes, molds, and infections. This ensures that the CPAP machine works properly and that buyers don’t inhale harmful toxins or pollutants.

Because of their ease and effectiveness, CPAP cleaners are becoming more popular and essential products for many users, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic. SoClean is covered by insurance, despite all these features. Continue reading to learn more.

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Is CPAP Cleaning Machines Insurance Covered?

Most insurance providers do not include CPAP cleaning in their plans. Most clients have a limited budget but feel they need to check their CPAP. How would you make a profit from insurance to cover your CPAP cleaner? Two options are available: Your Flexible Spending Account (FSA), or in some cases the Health Savings Account, (HSA), can be used to purchase items that are related to CPAP cleaners.

Providers, manufacturers, and sleep doctors all recommend regular cleaning of continuous positive pressure (CPAP-) gear. You should clean the mask, tubing, water chamber, and tubing every day (or at least weekly) using hot water and dishwashing detergent. The filter of the gadget should be replaced every two weeks, or every other month. To reduce hazard, distilled water should be used in the water chamber.

What does CPAP stand for?

Continuous Positive Airway pressure (or CPAP) is a type or Positive Airway pressure (PAP), ventilation that applies a constant pressure to the upper airway. It is a form of Positive Airway pressure (PAP). Positive pressure may be used to prevent upper airway collapse, which can occur in cases of obstructive sleeping apnea.

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What is the HSA?

This refers to the health savings account. The assets that are placed in such records are then turned over for one year. A family could contribute up to $6900 in 2019. It is common for employers to provide such a vehicle for investment funds. An individual can open a health savings account without being employed.

What is FSA?

FSA stands for flexible spending account. It is very similar to a savings account for health. There are only two differences. An example is that an employer must initiate a FSA. It is a pretax commitment that is taken from worker allowances. Cash in the bank account will generally last for the current calendar year. This means that assets that are not used in the flexible spending account are lost. A FSA can also be used for co-pays or similar health related needs.

Are SoClean’s services covered by insurance?

SoClean’s Automated CPAP Sanitizer cleans and disinfects your CPAP mask and hose, as well as the humidifier water chamber. SoClean isn’t covered by any health insurance. It is however eligible according to the HSA and FSA guidelines.

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Below are some of the best features.

  • You just need to close the lid and get on with your day!
  • It is completely automated in sanitizing
  • You don’t have to assemble or disassemble the equipment
  • You don’t need water or chemical substances
  • It kills 99.9% CPAP germs

SoClean includes the following:

  • 1 small bottle Pre-Wash
  • Cartridge Filter
  • Check Valve Assembly
  • 1 Slot Plug
  • AC Power Adapter

These items are not included:

  • A PAP adapter is required to use the following devices:
  • ResMed AirSense 10 and AirCurve 10,
  • ResMed S9
  • Fisher & Paykel Icon
  • Fisher & Paykel SleepStyle 600 Series
  • When heated tubing is used, Respironics DreamStation and System One Series are available.

How does SoClean really work?

While the activity you need to do is obvious, what’s happening behind the scenes is the real question. What is the SoClean actually doing to clean your computer? The SoClean creates activated oxygen (also known as Ozone or O3). It attracts ordinary oxygen and separates its chemical bonds. This creates an O3-particle atom of oxygen.

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Ozone can demolish organic matter when it comes into contact with it. Activated oxygen will quickly pulverize any microorganisms or germs in your CPAP equipment.

The O3 will be sucked into the SoClean through your humidification chamber, your cylinder and your mask. The O3 will then leave the SoClean via a special filter and change back to normal oxygen.

Although this may sound like a complicated process, it is used in municipal water treatment frameworks and in the food preparation industry.

Although Ozone can be harmful, it is safe to consume. However, its life expectancy is only about 2 hours. Because of the SoClean’s unique channel arrangement, activated oxygen used for cleaning your machine will quickly return to its original form. This is called normal oxygen (O2).

Is the HSA able to pay for SoClean?

A HSA is often recommended to help families save money for emergencies. This allows you to save cash before taxes. This means that you don’t have to pay any personal expenses. You are not required to pay any duties for the premium on the contributed balance. When you use the cash to pay the bill for qualified medical costs, your withdrawals will not be impacted. This investment is irrevocable since the unutilized equilibrium can be transferred to the next year. HSA is a wonderful strategy to create reserve funds for medical treatment. Additionally, if you purchase the SoClean 2 machine using HSA reserves, the income taxes associated with the machine’s cost would be waived.

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There are many ways to clean and sanitize CPAP

Experts recommend cleaning CPAP hardware using liquid dish washing soap and high-temperature water. Vinegar mixed with water can be used from time to time. This has helped to prevent a wide range of respiratory illnesses that have been linked to CPAP for a long time. Over the past few years, however, companies have created a niche market for cleaners and sanitizers by exploiting feelings of dread. These gadgets have many advantages and disadvantages. What are their costs? Below are the two most common devices for cleaning CPAP machines.


Benefits: The gadget is said to kill 99.9% of microbes in CPAP masks, tubing and water repositories after being subject to controlled research center testing. The device works by transferring ozone from the mask via the tubing into the CPAP gadget’s interior chambers.

It doesn’t need to be taken apart. The mask can be placed directly into the compartment by inserting the tubing through a side opening. A smaller version, the SoClean 2 Go is also available. It uses 8 AA batteries.

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Risques: Soclean is safe? This question is often asked. There are no compromises to your health. Ozone can leave a lingering odour that could be dangerous and potentially deadly. People with breathing problems may be at risk from ozone exposure. According to government law, it is a poisonous gas that has no clinically useful application.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, moderately low levels of ozone can lead to shortness of breath and worsen ongoing respiratory illness. In fact, introducing it to the body could cause respiratory infections to worsen.

Price: $398

Replacement parts for an annual fee of $30 (cartridge filter set)


The gadget promises to kill 99 percent microorganisms using UV light. It has a sliding cabinet that can hold the water chamber or mask. It is quick to use, delivering a small amount of sanitizing lighting in just 5 minutes. You can also use it to clean hearing aids, toothbrushes, and dentures.

There are some risks. The gadget can also produce a bad smell, but this is not usually dangerous. The UV light is not introduced immediately to the skin, so any potential eye or skin damage (such as skin cancer) is minimal. It does not clean surfaces directly exposed to the UV light.

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Obscure materials can interfere with the quality of the cleaning. This UV light is not designed to clean CPAP tubing. A different tool is needed for this task. The UV light could accelerate the normal aging process of the CPAP equipment’s plastics.

Price: $249

Annual replacement parts: None

Is SoClean worth the money?

SoClean is a great way to keep your CPAP equipment clean. It is very easy to set up and requires little effort. The SoClean is, as we like to believe, well worth the investment. You will save a lot of time and your machine will be cleaner.

It is expensive at around $400. We recommend that you review SoClean customer reviews online to get a better idea of the product’s capabilities and limitations.

ResMed recommends SoClean?

ResMed stated on February 1, 2020 that ozone damage will void any warrants issued by CPAP manufacturers. SoClean should not be used with ResMed CPAP machines.


This is a truly amazing product. This is the most affordable CPAP cleaning system, and one of a few. Perhaps the most appealing feature is its ease of use. It takes only 5 seconds to set it up and purify the machine. This machine has been used by many people every day with great results. While some people still clean their CPAP with soap and water, the SoClean allows for longer intervals between cleanings. You’ll feel more secure knowing that all potential microbes, spores and germs have been eliminated.

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