Critical Illness Insurance – The Coverage Many Clients Can’t Afford To Live Without

This policy, which has a lower premium than individual disability insurance and is ideal for spouses with high-wage earners, allows the insured to receive a lumpsum benefit that can be used as needed, without strings attached. You are more educated than most if you have ever heard of Critical Illness. It is a valuable tool to […]

Insurance Adjuster – 8 Must-Haves for the Independent Claims Adjuster

Being an insurance adjuster is a responsible decision. Especially if you are an independent adjuster. This means that you need to know what gear and equipment an adjuster needs in their field. Independent insurance adjusters are independent contractors and often have to provide their own equipment. There are eight things every independent adjuster should have in their […]

Reinsuring The Agent-Owned Captive Insurance Company

Insurance agents have had very limited exposure to reinsurance and little education about it. Agents are only made aware of reinsurance by an underwriter from the insurance company. This tells them that we cannot write this type of business because of our insurance company’s treaty insurance agreements. Over the years, reinsurers have been the traditional risk-taking […]

Reaping the Benefits of Owning an Insurance Agency Over Your Lifetime

This article focuses on the business of insurance agents, financial planners, trusted advisors, and marketers. They have been in business for long enough to understand that it is rewarding, that they love it, and that they have reached senior citizen status. There are a growing number of people who are still in the business. Some of us […]

The Greatest Life Insurance Salesman in the World

I was raised in East Liverpool, Ohio. It is located in Ohio near the intersection of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. It was home to approximately 22,000. The population today is just under 13,000 My town has produced some remarkable and unique people. Let me tell you about a man who understood the importance of providing value to his clients […]

Best cheap car insurance in Toledo

According to a survey, Ohio’s traffic laws are among the worst in America. This has an impact on the roads in Toledo. The city’s county, Lucas County, has more than 4000 accidents per year and 49 deaths in 2020 according to the Ohio State Police. Intoxicated driving arrests were also made in the county that year. The annual average premium for […]

Car insurance for a Suzuki

For a full coverage policy, the average cost of car insurance in America is $1,674 annually. Your car’s make and model is one of the most important factors that will impact your car insurance rate. Your rate will be affected by your vehicle make and model, credit score, age and claim history, as well as your driving […]