Advanced Insurance Marketing – Ranking Best States For Marketing Insurance Products

A well-run insurance marketing agency will choose the best states to market their products in. The best marketers know that there are many factors that influence a state’s ability to market its insurance products. These are the states ranked. Check out a report that shows how the 30 steps involved in calculating where one state is relative to another in a ranking.

While it may seem easy to recruit agents in one state for your product, recruiting agents in another state could prove difficult. There is a wide margin of response. It is so large that a campaign for insurance marketing recruitment in one state can produce twice the results as another. Start with those states that consistently produce high-quality responses and sales.

This wisdom is applicable to both selecting agents and to recruiting in insurance agencies in individual states. It will give you an analysis of state-by-state insurance recruitment and agent marketing. This combination of knowledge will allow you to plan your insurance agent marketing campaign based on smart information. From the top to the bottom, you will see the best states for successfully marketing insurance.

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What do you do if you have a national territory? This does not mean that you should send every state a certain amount of marketing pieces. You can do smart marketing in one of two ways. Spend 80% on states that are known for producing great results, and 20% on other states. This is an alternative. It’s better to mail a high-quality list twice than one that is in poor condition. Double mailing the best is an option. Send the best and forget about the rest.

Follow the top states to market insurance products for a successful recruitment campaign. Or, you can take your chances with hit-and-miss. This specific state information for marketing to insurance agents is not available on any list or insurance recruitment internet. This information would be a red flag to a list broker. A list broker would prefer to sell you a complete list of all agent names. A list broker will make more money if they have a larger list of agent names to sell. The more states you order, then the greater their profits. This is your opportunity to increase their profits, or your own.

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Another report on insurance marketing will reveal the distinguishing factors that lead to certain states being more productive. It is not important to consider the size of your state. If it were, New York, Illinois, and Pennsylvania would be given a higher rank. Although the median family income is an important factor, it’s only one of many factors that are being considered. Insurance agents often overlook the fact that New England and the Northeastern states have higher family incomes. You can see how few of these states are included in the top half.


1. Florida

2. California

3. Texas

4. Ohio

5. Georgia

6. Wisconsin

7. Minnesota

8. North Carolina

9. Michigan

10. Missouri

11. Tennessee

12. Oregon

13. Alabama

14. Kentucky

15. Arkansas

16. Kansas

17. Mississippi

18. Oklahoma

19. Nebraska

20. Utah

21 New Mexico

22 West Virginia

23. North Dakota

24. Montana

25. Maine

26. Louisiana

27. Pennsylvania

28. Montana

29. Iowa

30. Idaho

31. Illinois

32. Delaware

33. Massachusetts

34. South Dakota

35. New Hampshire

36. Connecticut

37. Virginia

38. Maryland

39. Washington

40. New Jersey

41. New York

42. Indiana

43. Alaska

44. Wyoming

45. Vermont

46. Rhode Island

47. Colorado

48. Arizona

49. Nevada

50. Hawaii