Anyone Can Get Annuity Leads if You Know How to Use “Crash Marketing”


Crash marketing is a way to meet your never-ending demand for leads. Leads are our lifeblood, and we need every lead we can get. Annuity salesmen need leads all the time. Here’s what I did.

“Crash marketing” was born out of my personal desire to find people to share my story with. I needed leads, and I had to make sales.

What is Marketing? How does this work? What can you do with it to balance your personal and professional business?

Crash marketing is all about numbers. It is about too many people to see every day. It’s about not being overwhelmed by leads. It’s about reducing stress and being able focus on what really matters, which is seeing people.

Crash marketing is all about taking control of your business and eliminating the most significant problem in HTML1 _____ “Whom am I going see today?” “Whom am I going sell an annuity today?”

Crash marketing uses numbers to solve problems. It really works. Crash Marketing helped me save my business and help my business grow. This is how it works.

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o Determine your target market. Let’s assume it’s seniors over 65 who are retired.

o Decide how much income you want to earn from annuity sales. Although it may seem absurd, this is an important decision. In this case, why not choose $250,000 per year as a starting point?

Next, determine a marketing budget that is based on your income goal. Once you have understood the below formula, this budget should be finalized.

The formula: Create a standard direct mail piece with a hook that is specific to your target market. You could use the following hook:

o Lower your social security taxes

Learn the secrets to LTC insurance

o How to avoid probate

o As long as the target subject is being specifically targeted, it doesn’t matter what.

Next, get the estimated return percentage from the mail company. We will use 3% in this example, but it is not important.

We now need to create averages. For this example, we will use the following numbers:

We will make 5 appointments for every 10 leads

We will create 3 fact-finders for every 10 appointments

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We will make one sale for every three fact-finders.

An average of $55,000 will be paid in annuity premium for each sale.

The average commission will be 7.7%

Let’s do the math. 1000 mailers will generate 30 prospects, 15 appointments will result, 15 appointments will result in 9 fact finders, 9 fact discoverers will generate 3 sales, $165,000 worth of premium and a gross commission at 7%. This will net a total of $11,550. It seems too good to be true, right? We will now reduce the numbers even further.

Let’s reduce our formula by 2%. To make it more interesting. 1000 mailers can only generate 10 leads. 10 leads will generate 3 appointments. 3 appointments will generate 1 fact finder. 1 finder generates 1 sale. Rounded up, 1 sale costs $55,000, and $3800 commission. Let’s reduce that to half for fun. That means we’ll generate $1925 per 1,000 mailers. You may think this is crazy math. However, I am going to present a horrible picture of sales results to illustrate the power of Crash Marketing.

Crash marketing has one secret. It focuses on one small segment of the business: selling annuities. You must outsource everything else. To make appointments, you must employ a telemarketer. This person will also manage your call back list and drip marketing. Outsourcing things you don’t have the skills or do not bring in annuity premium will let you focus on what is important and allow you to be fully engaged in the game.

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To generate our poor results of $1,925 in commission, we will need to mail 1,000 mailers. Wait, $2,000. for every $400 of mailers that I order. (rounded). That’s amazing! These are great results, and something any American company would love. They are solid, predictable, and reliable.

What if the numbers are slightly better than those we paired? These are your questions!

Imagine if you were a more effective salesman because of the overwhelming amount of leads.

Imagine if someone else was setting up your appointments so you don’t have to stress as much.

What happens when you only want to focus on the things you make money?

The secret to “Crash Marketing!” “

To reach your $250,000 annual income goal, you will need to pay $400 per $2,000 earned and estimated income. This ….Triple the order within the first three months. You can get so overwhelmed by leads that you order too many and cannot handle them all. Don’t leave any leads behind each month, make sure you …..THROW AWAY!

You will be free if you are willing to give up leads. It works, and you can focus only on one thing: seeing people and selling annuities.

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You may think that I am crazy, but this is how it works. Throw away leads to be more successful. A few more secrets are also available about Crash marketing.

Your sales results will be much better than what we have shown. However, it can take three months to achieve great results. !

Next, I discovered that using a drip to keep in touch with customers will result in an additional sale for each 10 people who are enrolled in the drip. This will increase your sales.

This philosophy has helped agents to triple their income, reduce stress, and become great producers.

It’s easy to do. You can triple your mailings for 90-days, discard all leads older than 30 days, and outsource your appointment making and drip system.

This is the most important. You should not have open appointments due to appointment setting problems or if your telemarketer couldn’t fill it. You don’t need appointments to work. Relax, work in your garden, or go to the movies.

Get rid of appointments and focus only on selling, and you will enjoy the Secret of Crash Marketing.

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