Best cheap car insurance in Austin for 2021

Due to its short commute time and high number of car-related deaths, Austin was ranked as one of the most dangerous U.S. cities to drive. The car insurance rates are comparable to the Texas average with minimum coverage starting at $558 per annum and full coverage starting at $1,796 per annum.

For the 978.908 residents, car insurance is required. However, for Austin drivers, coverage costs are not as high as the national cost for car insurance. This is $1,674 annually for full coverage. Some of the biggest car insurance companies offer lower rates than the average city rate. There are many options available for Austin motorists looking for affordable car insurance.

Austin’s best car insurance companies

Many trusted providers are located in Austin, Texas. Five of them make this year’s top auto insurers. Bankrate compared average auto premiums across over 12 companies using J.D. Power. The listed providers also have more than 80 years experience in the insurance business and offer coverage for multiple types of drivers.

Insurance companyJ.D. J.D.Minimum coverage: Average annual premiumFor full coverage, the average annual premium
Allstate832 / 1000$550$1,546
Geico846 / 1000$418$1,290
All over the country820 / 1000$481$1,245
State Farm844 / 1000$574$1,433
USAA*878 / 1000$436$1,344

*Due to membership restrictions USAA is considered rank ineligible by J.D. Power


Allstate offers quick quotes to help you quickly find the right insurance for your needs and budget. Allstate’s pay per mile car insurance option, Milewise, is one of its most distinctive features. This insurance option allows drivers who drive sparingly to save money and still have nationally-trusted insurance. Allstate offers car-sharing services to help drivers save money, miles, and get discounts.


Geico provides affordable car insurance that is competitively priced. It also offers 24/7 customer support to assist with any issues or problems. Customers who prefer to customize their policies have the option of renting reimbursement coverage or mechanical breakdown insurance. Geico covers all parts and systems, and allows policyholders to visit any repair shop they choose. You can also get discounts for being a good driver or a student.

All over the country

Nationwide offers a range of options to drivers looking for Austin car insurance quotes. While its premium is mid-tier compared to other providers, every driver has different insurance needs. It is recommended that you request a quote directly from the website to find out what your cost will be. Nationwide also offers a free On your Side Review to help policyholders determine their coverage. It also provides a hub of resources that can be accessed quickly and easily. In addition to other discounts, Nationwide also offers a safe-driving program that could help drivers save up to 40%.

State Farm

State Farm’s minimum coverage premiums average $574 per year, which is the highest of all the companies on our List. It offers discounts to drivers, regardless of whether the insured vehicle is new or old. For vehicles built before 1993, you may be eligible for up to 40% off for installing passive restraint equipment. Vehicles made after 1993 could receive the same discount for safety equipment. State Farm provides standard insurance coverages such as collision and comprehensive, but the company also offers rental insurance, emergency road service coverage, and rideshare insurance.


USAA offers the lowest rates in Austin, at $436 per year for minimum coverage and $1344 per year for full coverage. However, coverage is limited to military personnel and their families. Members who have had a good experience with USAA can save even more by keeping their auto insurance and possibly other policies. USAA might offer several incentives for those with a clean driving record, who drive less often, or who have a more recent vehicle.

Austin has the lowest car insurance

Austin residents pay close to the same rates as those who have national car insurance costs, which average $1,674 per year for full coverage and $565 per year for minimum coverage. The city’s rates are $1,796 per year for full coverage and $558 for minimum coverage. This is slightly higher than the national rate. Texas drivers pay significantly more for full coverage at 1,823 per year and much less for minimum coverage, which is $524 annually.

This table shows the lowest car insurance rates for the most well-known carriers, based on market share.

Insurance CompanyAverage Annual Premium for Minimum InsuranceAverage annual premium for full coverage
State Farm$574$1,433

Allstate, USAA, and Geico offer auto insurance premiums that are lower than the average annual rate Texans would have to pay. USAA is not available to veterans, active military personnel, and their families. State Farm and Mercury have slightly higher premiums that the Austin average. State Farm, Allstate, and Geico offer discounts drivers can apply to lower their premiums if they do not meet the eligibility requirements for USAA membership. There are many discounts available, including those for good drivers and students, as well as less-common discounts like low mileage, low vehicle use, and government discounts.

Allstate and State Farm are the most educational of all the insurance companies. Both companies have blogs that provide information about their policies to drivers. All insurance companies have a common feature: their mobile apps are available to policyholders for ease of use.

Austin insurance requirements

Although every person’s insurance needs may differ, there are minimum coverages that Austin drivers and all Texas drivers must have:

  • $30,000 per person for bodily injury and $60,000 per accident
  • $25,000 for property damage

Uninsured motorist and personal injury protection (PIP), may be automatically included in Texas auto policies. However, you can request that it be removed.

You should consider all options, including full coverage options in Austin. Although minimum car insurance can provide basic coverage, comprehensive and collision insurance may be more beneficial to you. Comprehensive insurance will cover you for your vehicle and medical costs in the event of an accident. You may also want to consider full coverage depending on your vehicle’s age and whether it is leased, owned, or financed. This may require special considerations. In the event of an accident, your financial costs for vehicle repairs and medical care may not be covered by the state minimum liability limits.

Austin car insurance discount

Depending on their situation, Austin drivers may be eligible to receive discounts. Every auto insurance company in Austin offers a variety of discounts that can help drivers save money on their premiums. Here are some Austin discounts:

  • Good student – Drivers who are currently enrolled in full time education and can maintain a certain GPA will often be eligible for a good student discount on their car-insurance premiums.
  • Multi-policy – Most insurance companies offer drivers the chance to save on their premiums by bundling policies. For example, if you have both home and auto insurance with the same company.
  • Low mileage – Drivers who drive a lot per year often qualify for a discount.
  • Drivers with a clean driving record and no accidents are often eligible for a discount.
  • Safe driver – You may be eligible for a discount on car insurance if you take steps to ensure safe driving.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best auto insurance company?

There are many factors that will determine the best Austin car insurance companies, Texas. The best car insurance company will depend on your needs and budget. You might also be able to determine the best place to begin your research by analyzing customer satisfaction and financial strength scores.

What amount of car insurance do you need in Austin?

The minimum coverage required by law for drivers in Austin and throughout Texas is $30,000 per person and $60,000 per accident for bodily injury liability, $25,000 property damage, and $2,500 personal injury protection. A driver may only get $30,000 per person, $60,000 per accident for bodily injuries liability, $25,000 per accident for property damage and $2,500 per injury protection, unless they choose to decline this coverage. To protect yourself against any financial losses in the event an accident occurs, you should get full coverage.