Best cheap car insurance in Columbia

Columbia drivers must have insurance. It is therefore important to find the best car insurance. Columbia drivers pay an average $605 per year to get minimum coverage and $1547 per for full coverage. This is comparable to the average cost for car insurance.

The South Carolina Department of Public Safety reports that Richland County had 13,519 traffic collisions for 2018, which is the third highest in the state. Auto insurance is essential whether Columbia residents are driving to see the Gamecocks at Williams-Brice stadium, or just walking along Devine Street all day. Bankrate compared several insurance companies to determine the most affordable car insurance for Columbian drivers.

Columbia’s best car insurance companies

Bankrate gathered the average annual premiums of insurance providers in Columbia using Quadrant Information Services. We analyzed customer service ratings and coverage options to find the best cars insurance companies.

Insurance companyJ.D. J.D.
(Southeast region)
Minimum coverage: Average annual premiumFor full coverage, the average annual premium
Geico857 / 1,000$401$1,129
Auto-Owners854 / 1,000$458$1,351
Allstate846 / 1,000$469$1,409
Travelers823 / 1,000$503$1,218

Quadrant Information Services, 2020


Geico has the lowest auto insurance rates of all the reviewed carriers and offers competitive rates. Although Geico doesn’t offer the same number of specialty coverage options that some other carriers, it does provide many digital tools. Customers can manage their policies via the mobile application or on the user-friendly website. You can also request roadside assistance from the app and submit photos of your vehicle to receive an estimate.


Auto-Owners is a company that operates in 26 US states, which includes South Carolina. AM Best has awarded the company a A+ rating, which indicates that it is financially sound. With a score 854 out 1000 in the 2020 J.D., Auto-Owners is also known for its exceptional customer service ratings. The Power U.S. Auto Insurance Study. Auto-Owners has many coverage options. You can consult with any of the agents in the network to find the best coverages for you.


Allstate offers a wide range of auto insurance coverage options including roadside assistance, sound equipment coverage, and more. A deductible rewards program is also available. This allows you to lower your deductible by $100 upon signing up, and an additional $100 each year that you are accident-free, up to $500. Allstate offers a wide range of discounts, including for policyholders with new cars and students who do well in school. However, the company received a below-industry-average score from J.D. Power.


Another financially sound carrier, Travelers, offers a wide variety of coverage options. The number of discounts Columbia drivers have access to is equally impressive. Some discounts, like multi-policy or good student, are standard. However, Travelers offers many unique ways for you to save. You might be able to save as much as 15% by paying your premiums on-time, or even as much 5% if your home or condo isn’t insured with Travelers.

Columbia has the lowest car insurance

South Carolina drivers pay an average $558 annually for minimum coverage and $1512 annually for full coverage. Columbia drivers pay slightly more, with full coverage costing $1547 annually and minimum coverage at $605. The average cost for car insurance in the is $565 annually for minimum coverage, and $1,674 for full coverage.

Bankrate analysed premium data from 25 of the largest companies in the region to find the most affordable car insurance company. The cheapest rates in Columbia are offered by USAA, Allstate Travelers, Allstate, Geico, and Auto-Owners.

Insurance companyMinimum coverage: Average annual premiumFor full coverage, the average annual premium

Columbia drivers looking for the cheapest automobile insurance might want to compare quotes from several insurance companies, as rates and coverage options vary between providers. Comparing quotes can often be the best way to get the coverage you need at the lowest cost.

Keep in mind, however, that insurance premiums are only one aspect. Before making a decision, it is a good idea consider the company’s financial strength, customer service ratings, and coverage options.

Columbia insurance requirements

Columbia drivers must have a minimum for all their auto insurance policies. South Carolina’s minimum limits are:

  • $25,000 per person for bodily injury
  • $50k bodily injury per accident
  • $25,000 for property damage
  • $25,000 bodily injury to a motorist who is not covered by insurance
  • $50,000 bodily injury to an uninsured motorist per accident
  • $25,000 property damage by an uninsured motorist

Underinsured motorist coverage must be offered by insurance companies. This will pay for your bodily injuries if the driver who struck you is not covered. You can choose to decline this coverage from insurance companies.

If you are involved in an accident, having only the minimum coverage can make you vulnerable. You will be responsible for paying the difference if the cost of your injuries or damage exceeds the amount of your insurance. To provide greater financial protection in case of an accident, most insurance professionals recommend that you have liability coverage that exceeds the state’s minimum limits.

To protect your vehicle from damage, you might also consider buying full coverage insurance. Your lender may require that you purchase full coverage insurance if you have a vehicle loan or lease.

Columbia discounts on car insurance

Columbia drivers pay about the same as the national average for car insurance but you can still get discounts to lower your premium. Although every insurance company offers different discounts in Columbia, these are the most common.

  • Good grades: You may be eligible for a discount if you have a student on your policy with good grades.
  • Paid-infull: Many carriers will offer a discount if you are able to pay your annual premium in full.
  • Multi-policy: Bundling your auto insurance with the same company that insures your renters, condo owners, or homeowners insurance is a great way to save money on your car insurance.
  • No claims: Most carriers offer a discount for those who have not had any accidents in the past several years.
  • Safety equipment: You may be eligible to receive an additional discount if your car has safety features such as anti-lock brakes, airbags, or anti-theft systems.

You can ask your agent for information about the discounts that you may be eligible for. There may be other ways you can save.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best auto insurance company?

The best auto insurance company is determined by a variety of factors that vary depending on who is looking for insurance. While one driver might be searching for new digital assets, another may simply want the lowest premium. You can find the right coverage at a low price by determining what is most important to you in insurance.

What is the cost of car insurance in Columbia?

Columbia’s average cost for car insurance is $605 per year for minimum coverage, and $1,547 per year for full coverage. The price of your car insurance will depend on many factors such as your age, gender and zip code. It also depends on the coverages you select and your credit score. Multiple quotes are a great way to get the best premium for you.