Best cheap car insurance in Grand Prairie

The average cost of insurance in Grand Prairie, Texas, is $606 per year for minimum coverage, while full coverage averages $1,968 per year. This is more than the $1,674 per year national average for full coverage. Drivers may want to find the most affordable insurance in their area.

Grand Prairie is part of the greater Dallas County. Dallas County recorded over 48,000 vehicle crashes in 2020. If you are among these statistics, it is worth looking for the best Grand Prairie car insurance company.

Grand Prairie’s best car insurance companies

Geico, USAA Nationwide, Allstate and Nationwide offer the most competitive rates among all of the carriers surveyed. However, each company also has its own advantages. Bankrate reviewed the rate analysis pulled from Quadrant Information Services as well as features of each carrier to determine what makes each one stand out.


Geico has not only offered auto insurance for over 75 years, it is now the second largest auto insurance provider in the country. Geico’s score for J.D. in Texas is below the industry average. Power, it still maintains an impressive Superior A++ AM Best rating, which is the highest possible rating for financial strength. Geico offers the best rates in Grand Prairie and the lowest prices among the four carriers.


USAA has insurance products that are tailored for military personnel, whether you’re a veteran or a member of the Armed Forces. You will find the usual options, including gap, collision, and comprehensive insurance. But there are some perks that you might not know about. For instance, USAA does not charge extra fees if you choose to take advantage of an installment plan, versus paying premiums in a lump sum.

All over the country

Nationwide offers a variety of programs that offer drivers more flexibility in terms of both coverage and payments. Accident forgiveness allows you to pay slightly more annually for premiums but your premiums will not change if you are convicted of an at-fault offense. If you are not liable for any claims, the Vanishing Deductible(r), which reduces your deductible by $100 each year, offers a number of discounts and other benefits.


Allstate offers a variety of “extras” to a policy. These are both a benefit and a way to keep premiums low. For instance, if you drive a brand new vehicle, the optional Vehicle Replacement program replaces a new car if it is less than two years old. The DriveWise program is also an option available for drivers. You can also save money by allowing Allstate to track your driving habits through the mobile app.

Grand Prairie has the lowest car insurance

Grand Prairie’s insurance costs average $606 for minimum coverage and $1,968 full coverage. This is more than the $1,823 annual average Texas insurance cost for full coverage. It is even more expensive than the national average of $1,674, which makes finding the cheapest car insurance rates especially important.

Below is a list of five national insurance companies that offer cheap insurance in Grand Prairie. Each of these carriers has rates that are lower than the market average and each one has received an AM Best rating of at least Excellent A. All of them offer an app that allows you to manage your policies from your smartphone or tablet. However, Allstate and Geico are the most popular for their digital experience.

Grand Prairie insurance requirements

Like almost all places in the country, Texas requires drivers to carry a minimum amount of liability insurance. This includes 30/60/25 which is:

  • $30,000 bodily injury liability insurance per person
  • $60,000 bodily injury liability coverage per incident
  • $25,000 per accident property damage liability coverage

You can reject written rejections of personal injury protection (PIP), as well as uninsured or underinsured motorist coverages.

It is possible to purchase additional coverage beyond what the law requires. This may be necessary depending on which vehicle you drive. Leasing or financing it will require you to have additional collision and comprehensive coverage. This provides greater financial protection in the event that your vehicle is damaged or involved in an accident.

Grand Prairie: Car insurance discounts

To find the cheapest rates in Grand Prairie, look for discounts offered by carriers. While some discounts are easy to find, others can save you a lot of money.

  • Safety equipment: A vehicle that has airbags or anti-lock brakes, daytime running lamps, or other safety features may be eligible for additional savings.
  • Multi-policy: You can potentially lower your premiums by purchasing an auto policy with the same company that you purchased a homeowner or rental policy.
  • Good student: Many carriers offer a good student discount to high school and college students who have at least a B average. This is a way for them to save money and stay motivated.
  • Paid-infull: This is a way to potentially save rates by paying premiums in one lump sum instead of monthly or quarterly installments.

This is just a sample of the discounts available. There are many other discounts available, such as online sign-ups or online quotes. Geico and other carriers offer affiliation discounts that give you additional savings just for being a member in good standing of a particular alumni association or club membership.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best auto insurance company?

There are numerous ways to determine the best car insurance company for both budget and driving circumstances. One of the best ways to determine the best car insurance is by evaluating multiple factors such as customer service ratings and coverage options.

What amount of Grand Prairie car insurance do you need?

When deciding how much car insurance you need, first consider what is legally required where you live. Next, ensure that the liability portion meets your driving and net worth. If you finance or lease a vehicle from a lender, it is important to understand the requirements of that lender. This could include comprehensive, collision, and gap insurance.