Best cheap homeowners insurance in Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi is located in Texas – one of the most expensive states in the country for home insurance – with > More than half its residents own their homes. For a policy covering $250,000 in dwelling coverage, the average cost for Corpus Christi Texas home Insurance is $1,888 annually. It is slightly more expensive than the $1,477 national average per year.

We have reviewed 2021 average premium rates and third-party customer ratings to help you choose the best homeowners’ insurance Corpus Christi offers.

The best home insurance companies in Corpus Christi

Bankrate narrowed down the list of insurance providers to find the best cheap home insurance companies for Corpus Christi, Texas. The average policy cost, satisfaction ratings of customers and coverages that work regularly for residents are all factors.


USAA offers insurance to military personnel and their eligible families. They also score high in customer satisfaction surveys. USAA provides all the basics of coverage, as well as flood insurance that is not usually included in homeowners insurance policies. The average annual cost of USAA is low and it has the highest J.D. If you’re eligible, USAA is a top choice.


Progressive is not as highly ranked as other providers on J.D. It is a top choice for homeowners insurance in Corpus Christi, according to the Power survey. Average annual premium for $250,000 of dwelling coverage is $592 per annum, which is among the lowest.

All over the country

With an average annual premium $795 and a J.D., Nationwide Corpus Christi homeowners insurance is the most affordable. A Power Score of 808/1,000. Nationwide also offers some additional benefits like Better Roof Replacement which improves the materials used when replacing the roof. This may be a useful benefit in this windy area.


Farmers provides three levels of coverage: standard, enchanted and premiere. This ensures that almost anyone can find the right policy for them. Additional discounts include green certifications, security systems and age of the house.

State Farm

State Farm is an established insurance provider that offers affordable, accessible coverage as well as many discounts. Multi-policy discounts are often available at State Farm, which offers many insurance products.

Home insurance coverages for Corpus Christi

Home insurance isn’t required by law anywhere in Texas. However, your lender may require it if there are mortgages. Home insurance covers financial responsibility for your belongings and property against theft, regardless of whether your mortgage is paid off. To add protection, some people choose to purchase add-ons such as the following:

  • Flood insurance: Flood insurance does not come with a homeowner’s policy. Many Corpus Christi have considered this coverage due to the possibility of a hurricane.
  • Guaranteed replacement cost: This coverage will cover the replacement of property, after deducting any depreciation. Guaranteed replacement cost: This coverage allows you to purchase a new item if something is stolen or damaged.
  • Wind and hail: Corpus Christi has the highest wind speed in the country. You may need separate windstorm insurance if windstorm damage is not covered by your policy. The Tennessee Windstorm Insurance Association offers windstorm insurance in Corpus Christi. However, applicants must have been declined by at least one private insurer.
  • Personal property endorsement: An endorsement will be added to your personal property to guarantee the replacement of valuables like jewelry or antiques.

Discounts on home insurance in Corpus Christi

Insurance is great because there are always discounts. These are some of the best ways you can save on Corpus Christi homeowner insurance

  • Discount on a new home: Are you looking to purchase a home that was built from scratch? A home insurance discount may be available to you.
  • Discount on home safety equipment: Smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and other security systems can count as equipment.
  • Bundling: A great way to save on your insurance premiums is to bundle your policies.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best company for home insurance?

Your top priorities will determine which home insurance company Corpus Christi is the best. This question can be answered by determining which coverage options you are most interested in and which discounts might be available to you.

What is the cost of home insurance in Corpus Christi?

For a $250,000 dwelling coverage, the average home insurance cost in Corpus Christi is $1,888 annually

What amount of home insurance do you need in Corpus Christi

The replacement value of your house will determine how much home insurance you need in Corpus Christi. Your home insurance cost will be determined by the replacement cost of your house and your possessions. Talk to your agent about the best home insurance plan for you.