Best cheap homeowners insurance in San Antonio

Anyone who owns a home is advised to get homeowner’s insurance. This includes 53% of San Antonio residents . Your lender may require you to have homeowners insurance if you have a mortgage. San Antonio’s average homeowners insurance policy is $1,944 annually. This is lower than the Texas average at $2,589. Flood insurance is not included in this rate as it is not covered by a standard homeowners policy. A separate flood policy may be an option, as San Antonio is the most vulnerable city in the U.S.

We looked at local insurers to find the best San Antonio home insurance. We considered cost, customer service, and financial stability. We also looked at websites to determine if it was possible to manage your policy online.

The best home insurance companies San Antonio

Companies that work closely with customers provide the best home insurance in San Antonio, TX. They offer robust policies that can help protect your home in case of a natural disaster. These affordable home insurers are worth your consideration based on our research:

Bankers Insurance Group

Bankers, which is based in Florida, is highly skilled in dealing with natural disasters in the southern states. Bankers has been offering policies in Texas for almost 40 years. It offers policies to homeowners, renters and condo owners, as well as flood, flood, and other services. A Bankers representative will help you decide if flood insurance is right for you if you live in one the most flood-prone areas of San Antonio. The average annual cost of Banker was $612, making it a great option to save money.

Texas Farm Bureau

If you value customer service, Texas Farm Bureau is the right choice. Texas Farm Bureau is known for providing exceptional customer service. Texas Farm Bureau’s annual average premium is $1,160. There are discounts available for bundling policies, installing alarm systems, and other benefits. You can find many offices throughout the region, including one in downtown San Antonio. They can help you with all your insurance needs.


Chubb might be the right fit for you if you own a home with a higher value. Chubb is well-known for creating policies that provide white-glove protection. Its standard homeowner policies include options that many other companies charge extra for such as lock replacement and risk consulting. For those living in areas that are prone to wildfires, Chubb offers wildfire coverage. While Chubb coverage may cost a bit more, there are many discounts available, such as alarm systems, new houses, gated communities, and other features that can help lower your premium.

UPC Insurance

UPC provides coverage for homeowners and condos in San Antonio. You can perform your own home inspection whenever it suits you, without having to wait for an agent. Additional riders or endorsements are available for home systems, heating, cooling, and electricity coverage, as well as service line coverage. San Antonio residents also have flood insurance.

Common coverages in San Antonio

Texas doesn’t require homeowners insurance, but you may need coverage if your mortgage conditions require it. An HO-3 policy is the most popular type of homeowner policy. It covers your home, any structures attached to it, as well as your personal property and liability.

You can also modify your coverage by adding endorsements to existing policies. These are some of the most popular ones:

  • Flood insurance – You might think that you only need it if you live close to a large body water. But even small streams can cause flooding. FEMA’s flood zones map center lets you enter your address to see if it is in a flood area. Flood insurance may be right for you even if you’re not in a flood zone.
  • What happens if a slow leak is not detected and damages your property? This coverage may not be available under your basic policy. It is an extremely common occurrence so you might talk to your insurance company about it.
  • Extended replacement: This coverage option can provide a greater payout for your home if it is damaged or destroyed. It may pay up to 150% to rebuild your house, which will allow you to restore the property to its original condition.

San Antonio home insurance discounts

Insurers that offer low rates can offer cheap home insurance San Antonio. There are likely to be one or more discounts that will reduce your premiums without lowering your coverage.

  • Bundling: You may be eligible for savings up to 10-20% by purchasing your life or car insurance from the same company as your homeowner policy.
  • Loyalty: Some insurers will offer a discount for customers who have been with them at least five years. However, some may require that you are not a claim-free customer during this time.
  • Alarm systems: There are many reasons to install burglar alarms and smoke detectors in your home. You may be eligible for a discount from your insurance company.
  • Many insurers offer a small discount for electronic payments. This includes automatic payments and paying your bill electronically. If you consent to receive company communications via email, you may be eligible for a discount.

These are the best and easiest ways to lower your homeowners insurance premiums in San Antonio. You might be eligible for other discounts, so it is worth asking questions before you sign up.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best company for home insurance?

Your situation and circumstance will determine which home insurance is best for you in San Antonio, Texas. Bankrate’s Best Homeowners Insurance Companies for 2021 Listing is a good place to begin your search. This list will show you the best companies that offer homeowners insurance at affordable prices.

What is the cost of home insurance in San Antonio?

For a house with a rebuild value of $250,000., the average homeowners insurance cost in San Antonio is $1944 per year. The multiple factors that go into determining your insurance premium will affect how much you pay. These factors include the age and condition of your home, your credit score, and building costs in your area.

What amount of home insurance do you need in San Antonio

Home insurance should be sufficient to cover the cost of rebuilding your home in case of an emergency. Ask your agent about building costs in your area. Also, consider getting replacement insurance instead of actual cash value coverage. This coverage may include depreciation, leaving you with less money to rebuild.