Best Insurance Postcard Design Tips


All the main reasons why insurance card design is important are listed below. These are the main points. Post cards you send are not advertising for insurance companies or to win a trip. It has remained true to its primary purpose all along. Its main purpose is to GET THE MAXIMUM REPONSE. Direct mail pieces are not meant to sell but to generate leads for you. Your job is selling your products to the person you are interested in.

POST CARD SIZE Most post cards received are standard sizes of 4 by 6 inches. The small size makes it difficult to see key points because of how much information is packed together. Many of these cards are lost in daily mail shuffle. Many of these cards are found in larger advertising pieces. Large postcards measuring 6 by 9 inches by 9 inches are more noticeable than the rest and allow for plenty of space to display your message. Studies show that people are more likely to read an oversized card in its entirety.

POST COLOR Many postcards are too bland or have no words. A beautiful photograph in a variety of colors with no wording is enough to save a side. A medium yellow stock is a good choice if you are looking for a low-cost, efficient method. Wiser chooses a glossy 14 pt. Cover with four-color printing on both sides. You will see a decrease in the cost of an oversize postcard. You should think about how a 4-color card can improve your direct mail response.

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TIPS This is what insurance professionals don’t see. Is it really important to look at the printed insignia for postage? In small print, it says “presorted first-class” or “presorted regular mail”. For your small postcard, first class mail costs you around 23 cents. You will pay around 26 cents for each oversized, twice-sized message card using standard (bulk mail) postage. Your response rate will remain the same.

Never Send your own mail for 42 cents per piece Save money by using a direct mail house.

THE HEADLINE The headline should be catchy and printed on your postcard in contrasting colors like yellow with black, yellow with dark blue, or red with yellow. It should sound exciting and the words should range from 5 to 10. Imagine a billboard on the highway. This is the most important element of your card. This is the most important part of your card. It will determine if the rest can be read.

THE SUB-HEADLINE While some messages may have more than one sentence, it is better to use one. This makes your message stand out from the rest. Post cards with compelling headlines and sub-headlines can increase your readership by nearly 50% without additional charges.

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THE TXT CONTENT Too much insurance direct mail scares away potential clients. They either go into a lengthy company history or personal history to impress the reader. It doesn’t. The policy benefits are next. The reader wants to know how this product can improve their lives. Your response rate will rise if you can only achieve that. It is actually a good idea to remove some policy benefits as it encourages their curiosity to learn more.

GIVE AWAY GIFT This is how much you are going to spend on a mailing. You don’t have to spend all that much to get 20% more responses. It is difficult for anyone to resist something for free. It is smart of an insurance agent to send a motivational eBook free of charge and without obligation. The eBook giveaway rights can be obtained for very little money. People who get nothing are much easier to reach by phone or face to face.

URGENCY CAL Don’t just print “Call 888888-8888” Use an action-packed notice instead to encourage quick action. The free gift will be sent to the 41 first responders within the next 15-day period. Call us at 888-888-8888 or email us at -. You can find our handy website here – “You must demand a reply, or your reader will procrastinate to not reply back. Bonus tip: You can also add a P.S. line.

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WHY ME People often wonder why they are being contacted by a phone solicitation. Your direct message postcard should be the same. Tell them why. Example: “Outof 9,333 seniors in your area, I am contacting those most likely to recognize the need to save their savings.”

Each of these design tips could help increase insurance postcard responses by an additional 20%. You now know why insurance agents who use the best postcard tips get twice the response than others.