Bringing Down the Cost of Motoring

Driving is not the same cheap way to get around, due to rising fuel costs, increased car insurance premiums, parking fees, road tolls and heavy fines for speeding.

This doesn’t mean that you have to pay more. You can save a few quid by reducing your fuel consumption and/or adjusting your car insurance policy.

Reduce your petrol costs

There are many ways to reduce your fuel bills, especially if you have a problem with the cost of fuel. You can shop for petrol online at websites like This service allows you to find the lowest petrol prices in your area by simply entering a postcode. You might find a significant difference in petrol prices between garages that are very close to each other. This could mean that a simple move of garage could help you save a lot of money over the course of a year.

Eco driving

Green driving is a popular topic. A few adjustments to your driving technique can help you cut down on fuel consumption and reduce costs. It is important to drive in the highest gear you can. Driving at high speeds in a low gear will increase your fuel consumption. By making sure that your tyre pressure is correct, you can improve your fuel economy. If your tyres are too flat, you will need to drive harder, which can lead to higher fuel consumption for long periods.

Also, consider excess weight in your car. Consider removing any unnecessary items, such as a roof rack or tool kit that you don’t need. You’ll need to push your car harder to move if you have more gear than necessary.

Reduce your car insurance costs

Many people discover that car insurance can be a cost-saving expense by making some simple adjustments. A few simple tips can help you lower your car insurance costs each year. Here are some things that you might try:

* Increasing your car’s security.

* Find a garage that you can park your car in regularly.

* Inform your insurance if you have moved to an area that has less crime.

* Use a comparison website to find the best deal for your car insurance needs.

These factors could all result in a decrease in your premium. The reason is that the more difficult the car is for thieves to steal or less likely it will be stolen, the greater the chance that your car insurance company will reduce your premium.

Parking your car can sometimes cost thousands of pounds annually. Finding a better spot could pay off in the long-term. Is there another place you could park your car during the day? Is it cheaper? In many big cities, people have started renting their driveways to make extra money. If you know of any nearby houses with empty driveways, or if you pass one every day, you might be able to find out if they would let you use their driveway in return for money.

A car insurance comparison site allows you to easily compare different policies so you can find the right car coverage for you.