Budget Car Insurance UK

Are you looking for ways to lower your insurance costs? Look no further! These 10 tips will help you get the best car insurance for your budget in the UK.

1. Compare prices. This is crucial as insurance companies often offer only the best deals to existing customers. Research has shown that there are savings of around PS100 to PS130 on renewing your policy by shopping around. Obtaining multiple quotes is easier than ever thanks to price comparison websites. A word of caution though: make sure you get all the details you need in your quotes, including a guaranteed courtesy car and legal coverage.

2. Protect your No Claims Bonus. This might mean that your initial policy cost will be slightly higher, but it is worth the risk. Your policy could be up to 60% off.

3. Do your research. Make sure to check whether the make/model/spec difference has an effect on the premium when buying a car. Your premium will increase the more powerful and sporty the car. (Not to mention the increase in petrol consumption and road tax! ).

4. You can improve your driving skills and decrease the chance of an accident. You might consider taking an advanced driver course. Many insurance companies offer additional discounts for completing one of these courses.

5. Keep your car in the garage. Many people have a garage so cluttered with junk that they choose to drive their cars. Clear out your garage and make sure it is used for your car. This will help you save money on your insurance. Your chances of theft are greatly reduced if your car is stored in a garage than on the road. Insurance companies will lower your premium to reflect this.

6. Avoid Speeding! Insurance providers will charge you more if you have speeding points or fines on your license. This is because you are more likely to be involved in an accident.

7. Install a car alarm and immobiliser. Car theft and burglary are very common in the UK. You can reduce the chance of this happening by installing a car alarm system and an immobiliser. This will allow you to have lower insurance premiums.

8. Multiple policy discounts. Insurance companies often offer additional discounts if you have more than one policy. You can get discounts up to 10% if you have both your car and household insurance with the same company. You may be eligible for a 10% discount if you have multiple cars. They have to be competitive and find new ways to attract customers. This is great news for money-savers!

9. You can increase your voluntary excess. All policies have mandatory excess amounts that you must pay in the event of an accident. You can claim the excess back if it wasn’t your fault. However, if it is, you will need to pay your excess. You can also choose to increase your excess to get a lower premium. It can be very rewarding as most people go on for years without ever having to file a claim.

10. Buy Your Policy Online. You can also often receive a discount when you purchase online. You can get cashback for the amount of your policy. Many cashback websites offer commissions to customers who sign up through their site and purchase a policy.