Buying Email Lists – Perspective From the Insurance Sales Coach

Do you think about purchasing an email list to increase insurance sales? There are some things to consider before you buy an email list. This is money that can be used wisely and will return a higher return. You also want to avoid getting into trouble with the law and possibly paying huge fines.

This sounds like a wonderful idea. It’s possible to buy a 1,000,000-name list and send your sales message directly to these people. Imagine if even 1% bought from you. That would give you 10,000 new clients. It doesn’t work this way, so hold the send button email breath.

How did the company that sold you these email addresses obtain those names? These companies usually have a website that allows visitors to consent to receive messages from various companies, either unwittingly or knowingly. For example, you could click on banner ads that claimed you would receive a free tshirt for your favorite candidate during the election season.

After clicking on the banner advertisement, you were taken to a website. There you would have to agree to receive other free gifts from other companies to get your t-shirt. Did you get the t-shirt? It’s unlikely.

This legal process is complicated and something I wouldn’t want to risk. I would not want to compromise my integrity or that of the people I work with. People who signed up for your email list did not agree to it. Although they may have signed up to receive a gift, that’s not the same thing as signing up for your opt-in email campaigns.

This could lead to a technical or legal nightmare. You might be surprised by the results of sending out an email to people who think they are interested in your message. Some internet service providers may receive a sudden surge of emails from unknown senders. They will flag you as spammer and block your messages until they get them. If you send a lot of outgoing emails, your internet service provider could flag you as spammer and block you from sending any messages to their clients. These two unpleasant surprises can be a hassle and require a lot of effort and time. The third, more serious surprise is the worst.

You could be reported as a CANSPAM violator by either one of the internet service providers, or an individual recipient of email. Guess who is responsible for the proof? You guessed it.

Even if all of these bad events didn’t happen, a bought email list is still a poor investment. They will opt out of your email campaigns in large numbers. Even those who opt out are just as likely to do business as you are to win a lottery. It will be difficult to get a return on your investment if I do not put it in the best possible way.

It’s illogical to pay for an email list, when you can easily create your own list with highly responsive people who will purchase from you. You only need a website with a page, a way for visitors to provide information, and an offer to give your visitors something they want. Once they have received the information requested, they will be added to your “your” list. You can then legally prove that they consented to receive it. You have the chance to build a relationship and turn this stranger into a buyer.