Can I Put My Car on Hold?

If you plan on placing your car on hold for any extended period, be sure to talk with your insurance company first. They may have special rules in place that can help avoid coverage gaps and potentially expensive rate hikes.

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Geico offers flexible car insurance policies to suit every driver, but some important considerations must be kept in mind when pausing or cancelling coverage for as long as desired. Should an accident happen while your coverage is suspended, for instance, then any damages that were sustained would likely fall on you personally as well as some benefits such as no-fault claims, roadside assistance and rental reimbursement being lost.

No-fault car insurance coverage provides medical expenses and costs associated with an accident regardless of who was at fault, usually more quickly than standard liability claims. There may be downsides associated with no-fault coverage; such as it limiting available damages and possibly necessitating giving a statement to another driver’s insurer.

Suspending car insurance coverage may be worthwhile if you plan to travel or store your car for months at a time, but this decision shouldn’t be taken if you have a lienholder or loan since this could cause coverage gaps that lead to higher premiums in the future.

If you decide to stop your auto coverage, if will need to file an affidavit with your state’s department of motor vehicles and notify lessors/lenders (in cases where car loans exist, lenders typically still require some form of coverage) about this decision.

One alternative to suspending car insurance is scaling back coverage by cancelling or reducing certain coverages, rather than suspending altogether. Doing this won’t leave you exposed and could help lower premiums; just remember comprehensive and collision policies are still needed for fire, animal damage, vandalism and theft protection if applicable and loans on vehicles usually require collision coverage to avoid lien disputes should an unpaid claim arise.


Geico Insurance Group provides car insurance policies to consumers. They are known for offering competitive quotes and informational resources at highly affordable rates, with discounts such as anti-lock brakes, defensive driving courses and federal employee affiliation. Policies can be purchased both through local agents known as GEICO field representatives as well as over the phone directly through licensed insurance agents. GEICO operates under Berkshire Hathaway Inc and boasts more than one million policyholders worldwide.

Cancelling your GEICO auto insurance policy is permissible, provided you have another policy in place to cover your vehicle during its period of cancellation. Failing to have another plan in place could leave a gap in coverage that can leave it susceptible to being damaged or stolen from.

Geico car insurance policies allow you to cancel without incurring a penalty fee in some situations, like moving to another state; simply update the information about your policy instead of cancelling completely – saving both time and money!

If your vehicle is destroyed or totaled in an accident, insurance will usually provide compensation equal to its current market value less any deductibles and fees – which is particularly helpful if trying to pay off its loan or sell it quickly.

Whenever canceling car geico insurance because you found a better rate, it is imperative that you secure a new quote prior to calling Geico to cancel. Any gaps in coverage could have serious financial and legal repercussions. When calling to cancel, always have your policy number handy as the agent may ask about previous coverage as well as inquire about details for your new plan in order to ensure there are no overlaps when your old policy expires and your new one begins.


If you decide to cancel your car insurance policy with Geico, they must be informed in writing either through sending an email, calling them directly, or using their chat feature on their website. Depending on state regulations, a specific reason may need to be provided when canceling. Therefore it may be beneficial for you to get in contact with your state’s insurance department for more details regarding requirements for cancellation.

Geico provides various discounts and policies designed to save you money on car insurance. If you are married, a college student, a government employee or military service member, you could qualify for discounts from Geico. Furthermore, multiple vehicle policies insured through Geico could receive additional savings as well as signing up for DriveEasy which tracks driving habits behind the wheel and rewards safe drivers with reduced premiums.

GEICO provides non-owner car insurance policies to cover liability in case an accident occurs while you’re driving another’s vehicle. They’re an economical way to prove you have coverage in an accident situation and may include personal injury protection and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, depending on state requirements.

Other types of coverages available to drivers include comprehensive, which pays to repair or replace vehicles damaged in covered events, collision, which covers costs if your car hits another car or object and rental car reimbursement if your own is being repaired from an accident covered by your policy.

GEICO provides more than auto insurance; their products also include homeowners, renters, condo and mobile home coverage as well as jewelry/identity theft protection as well as personal umbrella and flood coverage. Their Better Business Bureau rating is A and their J.D. Power customer satisfaction score ranks them highly; furthermore they boast one of the lowest complaint indices among large insurers.

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Geico offers all the basic types of auto insurance as well as several add-on options, including mechanical breakdown coverage, accident forgiveness and gap insurance. In addition, Geico provides an app to keep track of payments and claims more easily as well as mobile websites which allow access to digital ID cards and the submission of claims.

Geico Comprehensive Coverage safeguards your car against damages not directly related to accidents, like theft, flooding and fire – this coverage may be required when leasing or financing your car; while collision coverage only provides coverage when an accident involves another vehicle or object. GEICO also offers roadside assistance and vehicle history reports; accident forgiveness plans help drivers avoid rate increases after their first at-fault crash; while mechanical breakdown coverage is available as an optional extra on new and leased cars with under 15,000 miles on them.

Geico offers more than auto insurance: its services cover homeowners, renters, condo owners and co-ops; personal umbrella protection as well as business owner’s policies. When combined together they can even save you money! In addition, Geico also provides banking services such as loans and lines of credit as well as investments.

Geico has an excellent customer service record, but their claim process has had its fair share of criticism from users. Some say they are given the runaround and have to wait long periods of time before their claims can be resolved, while others claim the staff are rude and unhelpful.

Geico is headquartered in Chevy Chase, Maryland and offers services throughout all 50 states and the District of Columbia. They boast excellent customer ratings from both Better Business Bureau and AM Best as well as offering their products through websites, telephone calls and live chat support.

Geico offers an expansive network of branches and over two dozen financial centers, many of which feature bilingual customer support agents as well as Spanish-speaking agents. Their website enables consumers to compare rates, coverage options and state insurance requirements; smartphone apps allow for monitoring your car’s mileage as well as paying bills or filing claims from anywhere.