Car insurance for good drivers

Maintaining a clean driving record is one of the best ways you can save money on car insurance. You will be eligible for discounts and preferential rates if you don’t get in an accident or ticket. Although it may seem easy to stick with one company for car insurance, this does not necessarily mean you get the best rates. This is especially true if your driving record is good. You can save money by shopping around and get significant insurance savings.

The key takeaways

  • To keep your best car insurance rates, and to retain your good driving discount, avoid filing claims.
  • Car insurance is dependent on the location, driver, and company of the driver. Therefore, it’s important to shop around for car insurance quotes in order to find the best deal as a driver.
  • You can get more from your insurance company’s Telematics Program if you already have safe driving habits.

Good drivers deserve car insurance

Your driving record is one of the key factors in determining your car insurance premiums. It also determines whether you are a high-risk or good driver. Your auto insurance premiums will increase if you have more accidents and more claims under your policy. You can save even more by adding discounts to your auto insurance, even if you have a lower rate because of being a better driver. Quadrant Information Services has provided the following table, which shows average U.S. rates to a male driver and a female driver of equal age. With a clean driving record and an increase based on type of incident, the initial rate is the lowest.

Good drivers get car insurance

Car insurance companies have their own rating systems to generate premiums. Rates can differ from one company to the next, even if you’re a safe driver. To illustrate the differences, we compared car insurance rates from the top insurance companies in the country based on market share.

Below are the rates for the same driver who has a clean driving record. USAA has the cheapest rate for the sample driver with a clean driving record while Erie’s rate is cheapest with an accident and speeding ticket. For the same driver with a DUI on their record, Progressive offers the best rate for car insurance.

Although some companies offer the same rates for tickets or accidents, many have higher rates for at fault accidents than speeding tickets. The best rate for all companies is for a driver who has a clean driving record. However, rates for drivers with DUIs are the highest.

Savings tips for drivers who are good

Good drivers can save with a clean driving record, but can reduce their premiums for car insurance even more by taking advantage of discounts. While most car insurance companies offer similar discounts to their customers, the actual savings can vary. There are other ways to save money on auto insurance than being a good driver.

Get Discounts

A good driver discount, sometimes called a safe driver discount, can often be used to save money. When you’ve avoided tickets or accidents for a certain number of years, this discount will be automatically applied to your policy or quote.

For example, State Farm applies the good driving discount if you are ticket- and accident-free for three years. and Geico require at least five years of claims-free history, with Geico’s discount saving you up to 22% for being five years accident-free.

Some states offer the opportunity to take a defensive driver program to lower the cost of car insurance. Companies like Amica offer a discount on the program and a discount on your auto insurance if you pass the course. At The Hartford, the discount remains for three years after you pass a defensive driving course and supply the certificate as proof.

Only file the necessary claims

You should weigh the potential impact of filing a claim to be a safe driver before you do. Depending on the state you live in and the insurance company you choose, any claim you file has the potential to affect your insurance rates. Some claims, such as those for at-fault accident, may result in you losing the good driving discount and having to pay higher rates for causing an incident.


Participating in an insurance company’s Telematics program may help you save even more, especially if you already have safe driving habits. This usage-based discount is based on how you drive, such as hard braking and accelerations, and how many miles. Many companies track when you drive. Nighttime driving can reduce your savings potential.

Nationwide’s SmartRide program offers an initial 10% discount for signing up and up to 40% in discounts depending on driving habits. USAA’s program is called SafePilot and offers up to 30% in savings at renewal based on driving habits.

Take a look around

You may not get the best car insurance rate even if you are a good driver. It is best to get quotes from multiple insurance companies to determine the best way to find out. Comparing similar coverage can help determine which company best suits your needs. You can get discounts to reduce your auto insurance cost so that you are receiving the best rate.

Questions frequently asked

Which driver has the best car insurance?

Just like for drivers with a clean driving record, the cheapest car insurance for new drivers may be different from driver to driver. While some regional insurance companies may offer lower rates, larger national insurers might offer discounts or incentives that could make their prices more affordable. Compare quotes to find the lowest car insurance and the most coverage for a new driver.

Which is the best car insurance for people who are not good drivers?

Bad drivers may have a hard time finding the cheapest car insurance as a high-risk driver. Drivers with a DUI may not have as many options or rates, compared to drivers who have been cited for speeding tickets or being involved in an accident. Bad drivers, just like new drivers, should shop around for the best rate and coverage to protect their finances in the event of an accident or being pulled over.