Cheapest car insurance in South Carolina


Many young adults in South Carolina are 19 years old or younger. While the cost for car insurance is below the national averages at $558 per year for minimum coverage and $1512 for full coverage respectively, safety on the roads is a frequent concern. According to the South Carolina Department of Public Safety, 1.4 people were killed or injured in a car accident every hour. Distracted driving was responsible for a large percentage of car accidents, with an average of two accidents per hour.

No matter what population you are in South Carolina — teen drivers, distracted drivers, or general 3.8,000,000 drivers on the roads — you’ll want to make sure you have the best car insurance available. It is impossible to predict when an accident might occur or whether all involved will be covered. Bankrate has collected the South Carolina companies that offer the best car insurance for 2021 in order to assist drivers with finding insurance within their budget.

South Carolina has the cheapest car insurance

The best deals are often what determine the lowest car insurance rates in South Carolina. Although smaller companies may be able to compete, they often cannot offer the same prices or the savings through discounts as national providers. This is often true in South Carolina.

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The following five companies offer South Carolinians an average of the lowest annual premiums.


Geico’s size allows it to offer basic liability auto insurance at a fraction of the cost. Many people will be able to see these numbers drop even more with discounts. Geico’s discounts offer substantial savings. Geico can help you save up to 25% if you have multiple vehicles insured through it. You can have a fully-frontal airbag system installed in your car. Additional 23% could be saved. These savings can give an idea of what you can expect depending on your eligibility.


Auto-Owners is based in Michigan but has an office in Greenwood and several agents in various South Carolina ZIP codes. A convenient package that includes 10 additional coverages, including phone replacement, re-keying and more, is available from the company. There are many discounts that drivers can take advantage of, such as requesting a quote prior to your current policy expiring and choosing electronic payments.


Allstate, a national company, consistently receives positive ratings by trusted third-party sources such as J.D. Power, an independent company that measures customer happiness. The 2020 J.D. Allstate was ranked among the top 10 companies in the 2020 J.D. Allstate’s Drivewise program can help you lower your premium. This allows policyholders to get a discount when they sign up for the app, and additional discounts every six-months for safe driving. You may be eligible to receive Allstate Rewards points for travel or merchandise through the Drivewise program.

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Drivers are an important factor when determining coverage. This is where Travelers can help. They offer sample coverage options to South Carolina drivers as well as those from other states. In South Carolina, policyholders of Travelers may be eligible for up to $900 rental coverage and 15 miles roadside assistance. There are many savings options, including new car replacement and accident forgiveness. Hybrid vehicle drivers may be eligible for discounts. Those with clean driving records and claims history could get up to 23% off their premiums.


USAA is the only provider for veterans and active duty military personnel. However, it is well-known for its exceptional customer service and fast claims processing. The coverage is comprehensive and includes options for personal injury protection, roadside assistance, rental reimbursement, and accident forgiveness. Although it is one of the most affordable car insurance companies, there are many discounts available that can help you save. USAA offers some of the most attractive car insurance discounts in South Carolina. They offer savings for safe drivers and driving a new vehicle. You can save even more on your annual mileage, vehicle storage, and military installation discounts.

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South Carolina drivers must have minimum coverage

South Carolina drivers must have 25/50/25 liability. This is the following:

  • $25,000 per person to cover bodily injury/death
  • $50,000 per accident for bodily injuries/death
  • $25,000 per accident to cover property damage

You might be wondering if your South Carolina driver has enough coverage. It is easy to get into a situation with inadequate coverage. A brand-new Ford 350 XLT is about $45,000. You would be responsible for the $20,000. Your insurance company would pay $25,000, less your deductible. You would have to pay the remainder out-of-pocket.

Many insurance agents recommend that you have more coverage than the minimum.

How to Get Cheap Car Insurance in South Carolina

Shopping around is the best way to find affordable car insurance in South Carolina. Different pricing algorithms can be used by insurance companies. It is therefore recommended that you compare quotes from multiple companies.

Compare the offers of each discount after you have received multiple quotes. Compare the discounts that apply to you and determine how they will impact your premium. Contact an agent if the provider doesn’t advertise how much you will save by a specific discount.

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You can also lower your premium by choosing a higher deductible. This has the disadvantage that you will receive less payout in case of an accident and may need to pay more upfront. If you have a high deductible, it is a good idea for savings to keep some extra money.

Remember that your credit score can play a significant role in pricing your premium. Because of a historical correlation, people with lower credit scores are more likely to be involved in accidents and receive more speeding tickets. Credit scores are a major factor in auto insurance costs. If you have a higher credit score, your auto insurance cost can be decreased.

Talking with an agent is a great way to get help in this area and make the best decisions for you.

Questions frequently asked

What is the best South Carolina car insurance?

The priorities of each driver will determine the best South Carolina car insurance. You can find the best provider by researching options, comparing prices and finding discounts.

What is the average cost for car insurance in the United States?

The average cost for car insurance in the U.S. for full coverage is $1,674 annually and $565 annually for minimum coverage. South Carolina’s average cost of car insurance is slightly lower than the national averages at $1,512 per annum for full coverage, and $558 for minimum coverage. Your driving record, your ZIP code, and age can all impact the cost of your auto insurance.

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Is South Carolina a no-fault state?

South Carolina is not considered a state of no-fault. Insurance agents and experts recommend purchasing additional liability coverage. If you are not properly covered, you could be held responsible for the injuries and bills of another person and for your own damages.