Create Your Own Annuity Leads With Indexed Annuity Radio


Agents for Indexed Annuity

Make your own radio show about indexed annuities

It is easy to create your own radio show about indexed annuities. Simply connect a microphone to your computer. An annuity marketing company sends you scripts each week. You simply need to turn on the microphone, and then read the script. That’s it, you’re done.

Your radio production specialist will grab your audio from your computer and add music and commercials. It will sound like a Hollywood production. The show will be uploaded to the radio station by your radio production specialist (which the radio production specialist will locate for you). Your show will air weekly. You mentioned your phone number in your recording. This will ensure that you receive calls throughout the show. These calls will be directed at your answering service, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The service records the caller’s phone number, email address and physical address and answers it. The service receives the important information and immediately forwards it to you by email. They will also add prospect contact information to your follow-up list.

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It is a good idea to contact the prospect and try to arrange a meeting. Even if you don’t have an appointment, there are excellent automated follow-up programs. One automated follow-up system sends 6 letters to prospects promoting indexed annuities. Two letters, two emails, and two voice broadcasts are sent to the prospect. These communications highlight your status as a local celebrity because of your radio presence. All correspondence can be outsourced. The outsourcing company acts as your back office and manages the leads.

After the prospect has been “touched 6 times” by the “radio-promoting” correspondences, they are more likely to recognize you and your call.

You might be thinking that you could use our follow up system to generate radio leads. Yes, you can. The only problem is filling the database. There are simple solutions. Imagine how much it would be worth to have an automated system that follows up with each of your leads.

No matter if your lead was generated via radio, radio, or the Internet, the follow up system will be applied and broadcast to the entire world. All letters will display your radio station status. In the subject line of all emails, you clearly state that you are a radio personality. Your voice broadcasts that you are on the radio. Radio is being used to generate leads for you and enhance any marketing efforts you may have.

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Expect to get between 4 and 20 calls per show. You can also buy more airtime to get more leads. You can use the same show at a different time, which saves you time and effort. Radio typically costs around $600 for a half-hour show. Some people use radio as a glorified resume. Many people use radio as a “loss leader” because of its credibility. You can lower your weekly cost by accepting a time slot that is less than stellar. You can alter your letterhead and envelopes to reflect your radio station status if you’re on air. You are John or Jane Agent when you touch a prospect. This is KCBS radio’s Safe Money Retirement program.

Get it. Radio credibility is a great tool for attracting annuity buyers.

If you have a system that generates leads on a regular basis, you can negotiate higher commission levels. You can get a better marketing incentive package if you invest in radio. The bottom line…

1) Your radio show will be your own. It will generate leads, sales, and turbocharge any other marketing ventures.

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2) We’ll set up a follow-up system for you and handle all correspondences.

3) Access to other radio-friendly lead programs.