Exploding Insurance Sales Messages You Can Write


It is important to realize that just because someone sells insurance policies does not mean they are able to write. If you use the tips and tricks that yield extraordinary results, there is no need to hire an external writer. You can easily make your direct mailer into an insurance sales letter that gets the most response.

How would you like to see the response rates of your responses BEFORE you send your sales message? A decent business-to-business letter gets a 1% response. Is your sales message scoring this high? Will you get more or less leads than the average? These professional recommendations will help you score your insurance sales message. After that, another associate should score your current sales piece. Rewriting your sales message following the preliminary scoring can help move your postcard or letter into the winners circle.

1. Maximum 75 points Your insurance mailing list. If you have a limited number of prospects that all meet the same criteria as licensed agents, you can earn 45 points. If more than half of the list’s recipients were removed due to not meeting the criteria for a good prospect, you get 55 points. This would be true for insurance agents. Your score will be raised to 65 if you have another desirable feature, such as a refined list that only includes semi-independent and independent agents. If your direct mail sales piece is from an agent who has already responded to at least one time to sell a product similar, you will be awarded 75 points

2. You can get up to 20 points. If your headline for a sales message mentions essentially only your company or agency introducing a new product, you can get 10 points. “ABC company announces new product.” 15 points if the headline clearly explains to clients how your product will benefit them. 20 points if the headline does all of this in such a compelling way that it blows their socks. This can be achieved by injecting power phrases, verbs, emotional adjectives and verbs.

3. Maximum 5 points 0 points for sales messages that include (1) your company rating or (2) your bio of accomplishments in sales or awards or (3) your all-expense trip or (4) an award to reach a certain production level. SUBTRACT 5 points each for the above. If you can avoid all of them, add 5 more points.

4. Maximum 15 points Your sales message should contain 3 benefits prospects will get by using your products. This is 15 points. 2 points = 10 and 1 = 5 Add 3 points to each benefit. You missed. You can identify the emotion with your key points, such as fear, greed or happiness. You will get three more points and a pat on your back.

5. You can have up to six points. 6 points if you mention a time limit or that only a certain number of responses will be accepted. If it fails to do so, you get 3 points less.

6. You can earn up to 4 points 4 points for providing something free of charge, with no obligation, in exchange for your response. I look forward to hearing from you. ($10 gas certificate, sales video, sales book, etc). If you miss the chance to obtain more leads, subtract 2 points.

7. You can use up to four points. 4 points to let the prospect know why you are mailing to him. “We’re sending this message out to 3,000 agents who have an history of selling annuity product sales, out of the 30,000 in your state. Lose 1 point if you miss it.

8. Maximum 5 points I will point for each item in your sales message. Telephone number, email address and office location. If your phone number is toll-free, you will get 5 bonus points.

9. You can earn up to 10 points 0 points for calling 555-555-5555 10 points for eliciting a positive response. You can call us right now to get a live person answering your phone up until 6:00 PM Mountain time. If you call after 5:00 PM, ask to speak to Dave Richards. To relax with a tall, cool one, visit our website for more information about this amazing product. Call now to reserve the top 4 openings.

10. You can get up to 6 points. Add a P.S. to your sales message and you get 6 more points. to your sales message. This is the headline that you will be reading the most. Your best benefit should be summarized in a single line. Zero points for no P.S.

11. Maximum 6 points Your letter or postcard should stand out. Unusual. You can use a color envelope or a 6-by-9-inch over-sized postage (with a super low bulk rate postalage) to add a message to the address side. You get 0 points if you send plain and cheap mail.

12. You can earn up to 6 points Each action, stimulating adjective phrase or verb you inject earns you 1 point. Your sales letter should be interesting to read. “Breathtaking, remarkable and conquer, just as superman, write you own check, capture, closely guarded secret, action, results, tantalizing… You are not allowed to miss out.

Score your sales message. A 100-point sales message would be a 1% return. Your response rate potential is 0.5%, which would mean that 50 points is the lowest possible. Although this is lower than the national average, it is similar to common messages for insurance. We have seen hundreds of sales messages, but the average is 90. This is due to good list selection. The ultimate score is 170. This is 70 more responses for a 10,000-piece mailing. With a $600 profit after all marketing expenses, you could make $24,000 more if you had 40 people respond to your offer.

You could be in a higher tax bracket if you send out consistent 140- 170 point sales messages to your prospects.