Exposed! Insurance Marketing Techniques That Simply Don’t Work Anymore?

Today, insurance marketing techniques and solutions are a hot topic. This is especially true in today’s economy.

Because insurance agents are trying to save their agency. Insurance agents will do anything to keep their agency afloat. Although was an old method of insurance marketing, it is just a matter calling enough people used to work. But that was a long time ago. These insurance marketing strategies simply don’t work anymore. Despite this, many agents still use the old insurance marketing techniques for a variety of reasons.

First, is a saying that if you’re good at using a hammer, everything looks like nails.

The second reason is that perseverance is a virtue in all endeavors. It’s amazing, just think about it.

We love watching the Olympic athletes push themselves beyond The Limit. Mother Nature is a great example of Mother Nature’s perseverance, as you can see from the salmon fighting upstream and even upstream of the water falls.

A Fly-Spotting Tip for Insurance Marketing

But, when does the illusion or pretense of perseverance turn into outright foolishness? Insurance agents need to realize that old marketing strategies and advice for insurance should not be used in an agency environment. Perhaps agents can learn valuable marketing lessons from a fly. This is what I mean.

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We all have witnessed The death fight of the flyThis happens when the fly believes that there is a glass window. The fly displays incredible perseverance, and relentlessly, persistently and almost loyally, throws itself against the windows PAIN (spelling chosen on purpose), until it exhausts and then dies from fatigue.

FACT: The barrier will not yield, no matter how valiantly the fly tries. EVER.

This ritual can often make you believe that the fly is not as bright as you realize. Right?

Take care.

Over 20 years of working in this industry, I have seen a similar death flyby many insurance agents. Despite the fact that it is no longer effective, they continue to try to market and get insurance leads.

Many insurance agents get caught up in the BUSYness business and prefer to point fingers at outside forces and blame others than adapt to the new insurance environment.

Are these tough words? We do operate in difficult times, yes. I am not trying to make you miserable. I’m simply telling you the truth. Sometimes the truth can feel like hell.

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This is what you need to think about. Because the average person wasn’t being bombarded with over 3,000 messages per day, the old insurance marketing strategies worked. That is quite a bit of clutter.

You need to have a system for breaking down the clutter in order to make your insurance marketing strategies and advice work today.

Multi-Influence Channels ™ can help you market your insurance products more effectively than the rest. There are many proven marketing principles that MIC can be used for. One quick tip is to allow prospects to communicate with you in multiple ways.

This is a marketing drill that you can do.

Consider how you are trying to break through the clutter and reach your target audience. Then ask yourself these questions. Are you doing the same thing as everyone else? If so, why would your prospect choose me over anyone else? Then ask yourself: What other insurance marketing strategies can I use to get my message across to my prospects?

Warning. Be different. But not just for the sake of it.

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I hope that you found the information useful, thought-provoking, and most importantly, it inspires you to take corrective actions.