Female Car Insurance – Tips For Women To Lower Their Car Insurance (UK)

Although female car insurance is considered slightly less expensive than that for male drivers, there are still ways to lower your premiums.

The details you provide when applying for car insurance are used to determine the likelihood of you making a claim against the policy. Your car insurance will cost more if you are considered to be likely to file a claim. Your policy will be less expensive if your information suggests that you are unlikely make a claim.

Here are some examples of factors that can be used to determine your risk when applying female car insurance.

Date Of Birth:

Statistics show that younger drivers are less likely to file a claim than older drivers. Younger female drivers will be more likely to pay for car insurance than older drivers. If you’re a young woman insuring your first car, this is a problem that can be difficult to overcome. To reduce the impact, you should get experience driving in your parents’ car before you purchase your own. The sooner you have your policy, the sooner your “No Claims Bonus” will build up. Your insurance will also be less expensive within one year.

Post code:

The insurer uses your post code to determine the location you live in. A higher premium will be charged to females who live in areas with high crime rates. This is because they are more likely to make a claim. Traffic density is another factor that should be considered. A higher traffic density can indicate a greater perceived risk.
These are not factors you can control, but you can reduce their impact.
Storing your car in the garage can be a great way to protect yourself from thieves. Drivers who only use their car once a week are less likely to get into an accident.


Female drivers who keep their car locked in a garage will receive a lower premium, as mentioned previously. A driveway is better than parking your car on the street if this is impossible.
Although steering wheel locks and alarms won’t make a significant difference in your premium, an immobiliser that is approved by Thatcham can be a big help. It should be fitted by an authorized mechanic. Keep a copy the installation certificate.

Cover Date:

Most insurance rates change monthly. A company that offers the lowest price for female car insurance may not be able offer the same deal the next month. It is best to use a service like My motor Quote which can search for multiple insurers at once.

Previous Claims

Female drivers who have had previous claims are at greater risk than those with no claims. A driver’s premium will increase if she has more claims than her drivers. Drivers should not make claims if possible to avoid affecting their No Claims Bonus.


The excess is the amount you will have to pay when you file a claim against your policy. An example of an excess is a PS200 for a female driver who is involved in an accident. Her insurance company will pay PS300 and she will pay PS200 if her car sustains damage worth PS500. Your excess can be increased voluntary, which can reduce your premium. However, you must have the ability to pay the excess in case you need it.

You should also be aware that you could be held liable for any excess PS300 you have and file a claim of PS250. The claim will still be recorded against you.