Finding car insurance in Indiana after a DUI


Based on Quadrant Information Services’ 2021 annual premium study, Bankrate found that Indiana has an average 87% increase in car insurance. Drivers in Indiana could pay almost twice the amount they did before a DUI conviction. This is a significant increase, but it is still less than the national average of 91%. Drivers convicted of DUI can expect to see a significant increase in car insurance costs when they renew their policy or switch providers. Drivers convicted of DUI may face additional fines, fees, or consequences even years later.

Indiana DUI laws

In Indiana, a DUI conviction might be known more commonly as Operating While Intoxicated. Both terms can be interchanged for the purposes of this study as they refer to driving a vehicle with blood alcohol content greater than.08. Drivers with BACs between 0.08 to 0.14 are considered drunk in Indiana and will usually be charged with a Class C Misdemeanor. Any driver whose blood alcohol content is 0.15 or more is guilty of a Class A Misdemeanor.

A DUI/OWI conviction in Indiana will remain on the driver’s permanent record. A DUI charge can be escalated to a felony if multiple DUI arrests are made within five years.

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Depending on the conviction, Indiana DUI penalties could include:

A driver who is convicted of a DUI felony could spend anywhere from 6 months to 2.5 years in prison and may be fined up to $10,000. A judge can also order community service or participation in a substance abuse program. The judge can make these orders, since there is no mandate.

What a DUI means for your Indiana car insurance

All drivers, regardless of where they reside, should know that their car insurance company may refuse to renew a policy after a DUI. Providers should be concerned about a DUI because it indicates that future traffic violations may be coming down the line. One of these could lead to a substantial claim. Many providers will cancel the policy of a DUI driver. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has historical data that supports the concern about risk. According to , a third of DUI arrests involve repeat offenders.

Drivers convicted of OWI or DUI should expect an increase in car insurance premiums. However, Indiana drivers fare slightly better than most Americans after a DUI, but the increase in premiums is still significant.

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On average, DUI convictions result in drivers paying twice what they did before the incident. The average Indiana DUI conviction is 87%. However, drivers could pay more or less depending upon past traffic violations.

An SR-22 may also be required for DUI convicted-drivers to file with the Indiana BoardMV. An SR-22, contrary to popular belief, is not a proof of insurance. An SR-22 is proof that the driver has adequate insurance and is covered for basic liability. Providers will usually notify the BMV if the driver’s policy ever expires. It is important that the driver has minimum coverage in an active policy to satisfy SR-22 requirements.

Here are the DUI prices in Indiana, compared to the national average.

After a DUI, Indiana: Finding car insurance

It doesn’t matter if drivers have been convicted of DUI. You should shop around for quotes and compare them to determine which policy is the most cost-effective. Before you switch providers, it is important to compare the savings you currently receive with those offered by other companies.

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Drivers in Indiana who have been convicted of DUI/OWI may be able to get quotes from several national providers. These may offer lower rates. These are the top cheap car insurance companies in Indiana for DUI drivers. They have the lowest annual premiums and highest market share. Talk to an agent to get a customized quote. Make sure to factor in all factors that could affect your ability to get the best rate and coverage.

Questions frequently asked

Is OWI or DUI a crime in Indiana?

No, unless multiple drivers are convicted within five years. In some cases, a judge might make a single DWI in Indiana a felony if there are high BAC levels, reckless driving, or if someone was hurt or killed by the driving.

What is the time frame for your license to be suspended in Indiana after a DUI?

Drivers who are arrested in Indiana for DWI will most likely have their licenses confiscated. If driving privileges are revoked, drivers will be notified within ten working days.

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Is there an additional fee for reinstatement after a driver’s license suspension

Yes. The fee for the first suspension of a license is $150. The fine for second and third convictions is $225 and $300 respectively.

Is it possible to have a DUI from your record removed in Indiana?

It isn’t. An OWI/DUI conviction will remain on the driver’s permanent record. It may be possible for the arrest record to be removed if the driver is not found at fault.

How can you obtain SR-22 insurance

An SR-22 does not constitute insurance. It is proof that you have insurance. Contact your insurance provider or one that offers SR-22 forms to file an SR-22 at the Indiana BMV. Tell them that you are required by your state to have an SR-22. A one-time filing fee of $15-$25 will apply.