How Much Does Bunion Surgery Cost With Insurance?

Cost of Bunion Surgery

Bunion surgery is often a very affordable procedure with insurance. Many hospitals and health care providers offer discounts for patients with insurance. Knowing how much bunion surgery costs with insurance can help you make an informed decision about whether or not to have the surgery.

The average cost for bunion surgery (unilateral foot surgery) at a hospital varies depending on the location and type of surgery, but is typically around $6,000-$10,000. The average cost for bunion surgery (bilateral foot surgery) at a hospital ranges from $8,000 to $12,000. Health insurance may cover a portion or all of the cost of bunion surgery.

Who is Eligible for Bunion Surgery?

Bunion surgery is an outpatient procedure that can be performed on either the big or the little toe. It is a relatively common surgery, with estimates suggesting that it is performed on about 1 in every 500 people. Bunion surgery is typically covered by insurance, but there are a few exceptions.

In general, bunion surgery is considered a cosmetic operation and as such is not covered by most health insurance plans. However, certain types of bunion surgery may be considered medically necessary and as such will be covered. For example, if the bunion results in significant pain or disability, then bunion surgery may be considered medically necessary and thus be covered by health insurance.

The average cost of bunion surgery ranges from $3,000 to $5,000. The cost of individual procedures will vary depending on the complexity of the bunion and the type of surgical approach taken. In addition, some patients may require post-operative follow-up appointments to ensure that healing has progressed as expected.

How Much Does it Cost without Insurance?

Bunion surgery is a common procedure that is usually performed to correct deformities in the feet. The surgery can cost a lot without insurance, but it may be worth it if the bunion is causing pain and difficulty walking. According to foot doctor Dr. David Slavin, a partial bunionectomy with removal of only the bunion and its surrounding tissue costs about $4,500 without insurance. This price may go up depending on the severity of the bunion, the location of the bunion, and other factors. A full bunionectomy, which includes removal of both the bunion and its surrounding skin, costs about $8,000 or more without insurance.


Bunion surgery is a highly effective treatment that can help alleviate the symptoms of bunion pain. However, it is an expensive procedure and may require insurance coverage. If you are unsure whether your insurance will cover bunion surgery, please speak with your health care provider.