How to change gender on a driver’s license

A survey by Gallup in 2021 found that 11.3% of LGBT adults identify themselves as transgender. This is roughly 0.6% of America’s population. Some transgender people receive gender-affirming treatment while others don’t. Every person is different.

People who identify as transgender and non-binary can also update their legal identities on government-issued documents like their passport or driver’s licence. Some states offer a gender-neutral option called “X” for individuals who are non-binary, intersex, or gender nonconforming.

Transgender people are legal in all 50 states to change their driver’s licence gender. The process can be difficult. Some states require proof of gender-affirming surgery or amendment to the birth certificate. Some states require a letter from the physician confirming that the person has received hormone therapy.

The process for changing your driver’s licence gender is unique in each state. Below is information about how to change the gender on your driver’s licence in all 50 states and Washington D.C., as well as a link to help you get started.

Laws and regulations of the state

It is important to familiarize yourself with the laws and procedures in your state if you want to change the gender of your driver’s licence. In all states, changing your name is an independent process from changing your gender. To change the name on your ID, you must first legally change your name with Social Security Administration. These are the requirements for each state to change the gender marker on your driver’s license. Keep all other documents related to autos, including registration and insurance policies, up-to-date.