If I Only Had a List – I Could Increase Sales

Are you familiar with the Wizard of Oz? The Tin Man, a childhood classic, laments the way things would have been if he had a heart. The Scarecrow desires a brain and The Cowardly Lion wishes courage. Remember what happened to Dorothy and her motley friends when they peeked behind the curtain of Emerald City to see the great Wizard of Oz.

Every beloved character realized that they already had what they were looking for, but couldn’t see it. What does this amazing story have to offer you? There are many parallels.

As a child, I liked the Wizard of Oz. But it was too scary for me. Remember the horrible tornado that ripped Dorothy and Toto apart from their loving families? You may recall the venomous Wicked Witch and those flying monkeys. These things were frightening to me as a child because I was unable to predict what would happen next and didn’t fully understand much of what was going on. As I grew up, I saw it many times before realizing it was just a bad dream.

You regret if you don’t have leads as an insurance producer. It’s obvious that you can’t make sales if you don’t have people to talk with. It’s frustrating to figure out how to reach these people so that you can buy leads lists. Then you feel even worse when you are able to take advantage of only a few of those leads. You’ve lost a lot of potential leads and some of them will never work for you due to the poor first impression.

You must have courage to be an insurance producer. If you lack courage, you wouldn’t have been able to enter the insurance industry. You don’t have the courage you need to be successful in this industry. Your courage will grow and you won’t need to use it as much if you are more focused on how you secure leads and how you deal with them.

Here is where your brain excels. You’re a highly intelligent person. Despite the fact that you might seem confused, you are a very intelligent person. You can only build a profitable leads list by yourself. Your most valuable asset is your highly customized leads list.

Once you have a list of people you wish to include, this is easy. You can then create a way for them to contact you and then give them what they need. It’s that simple and will not cost you as much to build a list people who will purchase from you than a list of useless leads.

Your heart is what got you into the insurance business. Your clients and future depend on what you do. Why would you, or ever coerce them? How you treat people determines how they will respond to that connection.

Isn’t it your primary objective to find out who needs you the most and what they want? This requires that you use your heart as well as your brain. Your heart is what motivates you to get to know your prospect and what their needs are. Your brain takes the information they have shared with you and helps to make a better future.

It takes little courage to act in a way that benefits another person. It takes little courage to show kindness, respect and dignity to others. It doesn’t take much courage to treat your prospects with kindness and respect. This builds trust and increases sales. Your brain, heart, and courage work together to serve you and your prospects so that you can start your relationship off on the right track.

How can you make your highly-specialized leads list using your brain? First, identify the people you wish to work with. Learn as much about your prospects as you can. Make sure to know their top three problems or needs. In return for their contact information, you can provide them with useful information.

This information can be used as a driving force in your marketing efforts. You build your list as people request the information. Keep building your list. To make sure you end with a positive impression, you must use your heart to make your first contact.

If you don’t know what these things are, it may seem like a lot of work. It’s not possible to buy this prepackaged deal and expect it to work out well for you. A coach can help you accomplish these things for your business, based on your goals. You will also get a lifetime payoff. What is your heart telling you? Are you willing to do the hard work? Would you be able to save more time and money by investing in things that don’t work?