Insurance 101 – Undermining America for the Good of Americans

Insurance is like a fairytale. One small seed of truth has grown into a fairytale that is the size of 1000 sequoias. Reality is hidden from our view. You’ve probably noticed that all these giant, sequoia-like buildings belong to banks and insurance companies. How do they make all this money? What amount of money does the executive make? It all comes down to who pays. Grab a mirror. Grab a mirror. You said what? “The Masses!”

Another social instinct is insurance. It is easy to buy insurance. It is mandatory. You must purchase insurance if you want to get the loan. The government tells you to purchase auto insurance at all costs. It must be very beneficial for you. You might also want to stock up on non-mandated insurances. It’s impossible to have too many good things. You can’t have too much of a good thing.

We hide our thoughts in dark corners of our minds. No one shouts out “But he doesn’t have anything on!” like The Emperor’s New Clothes. Or “Hey, this just bullshit!” You’re not the only one living in darkness. It is something we all believe. Here are some secrets thoughts that you might not be afraid to share.

1) I will be cursed if I oppose insurance. My house will be razed to the ground, and I’ll look like a fool.

2) If I speak against insurance, someone will have an accident with me and sue me. People are not responsible for their choices.

3) Insurance is gambling against me. Why would I place a bet against myself?

4) Insurance companies are forced to charge high premiums due to their loss of payouts. How can they afford big buildings?

5) What products do insurance companies sell to customers? Air? Air? Contracts? Is it not better to buy an IHOP franchise using that money?

6) If government is representative of the people, then why make me, a citizen, a criminal when they can’t afford auto insurance so I can get to work and support my family?

7) How much money and what perks do insurance lobbyists make for politicians?

8) Do I really need trip cancellation insurance? Is it really worth the risk of buying a dream vacation and then having to cancel it in the last minute?

9) How much money could I make to deal with my problems if I put all my money on insurance in the bank or towards building success?

10) Will I be able or remember to buy an extended warranty if my widget explodes?

11) Why shouldn’t companies produce quality widgets that last for three years?

12) Finally, was Jennifer Lopez actually able to insure herself for several hundred million dollars? What? What? This agent sold the policy and is a legend.

We all know that the system is a mess! Insurance companies, bankers who are greedy, politicians with spineless views, and the masses that support these absurdities all share the blame. Every frivolous suit gives government an excuse to mandate that people are protected against themselves by expensive insurances and the removal of individual freedoms.

Soon, we will all be required to carry Coffee Burn riders on auto insurance as well as Cell- Phone-Earrings-Tear addendums for HMOs. In these days, Sleeping Beauty would have sued the castle keeper (a.k.a. Dad) for the prick on his finger, lost wages due to the coma, and trauma from the scar. In the Kingdom, uninsured sewing machines would be banned.

How can you protect yourself when there is a system so out of control? Reduce the fat. Stop betting against yourself. Consider all the different types of insurance. Don’t buy out of reflex. Decide for yourself what you can do to reduce your insurance costs. Take a look at the options and decide what you really need.

Life Insurance is for those who bet that they will lose so much that they can’t pay their own funerals or leave any inheritance to their children. Extra Car Insurance-How likely are you to crash? You also need to consider homeowner’s, mortgage cancellation, emergency evacuation and unemployment. This list could go on.

Terrorist Insurance is now a monument to absurdity. It’s even being pushed at Art Gallery Owners in isolated communities on the Northern Great Plains. Why not? Osama, no doubt, is hiding in an Afghan cave right at the moment plotting to get rid of all those Remmington Cowboy bronzes.

These fears are used by insurance agents to make money. Companies may try to scare you into purchasing coverage. A rebel SCUD targeting Mount Rushmore could also run into a Canada Goose, and go berserk. This is a terrible thing! This likely chain of events could put your Chug Water, Wyoming goat ranch in serious danger. Perhaps, you should add a specific ‘Unpasteurized-Cheese Addendum’ to your Terrorist Policy. Ask your agent to help you. Ask your agent if they can sell one.

You are more likely to die from a mosquito bite than you are to be attacked by terrorists. Well, crap! Companies should be able to require that we all have Mosquito Insurance. Perhaps you could get a DEET discount. Even better, why not give up all of our troublesome responsibility like privacy and freedom to the Feds? If Uncle Sam could protect us from the evil winged creatures that haunt our souls, then it would be a great idea.

Congress could increase taxes to pay for Bug Inspectors. They would search your home, private life and property for water. They wouldn’t look for any other thing (roll eyes). Patients with glaucoma and cancer might prefer to keep their bags out of the birdbath.

The Air Force could spray everyone from the sky with an insecticide mixture called Agent Tan, which is a completely safe way to prevent cancer. Your governor will be away that day, coincidentally. Is there anyone in their right mind who would elect an insurer salesman to public office. Both politicians and insurance companies are selling you hot air so maybe it is a match made…

Only a few insurances are worth purchasing, like liability insurance for cars or real estate. Once you have something to lose, it’s a sure bet some lazy troll with an entitlement-mentality will try to sue you. You want the giants on you side in this instance. Insurance companies offer lawyers to help them keep evil little trolls from getting under their feet.

The insurance prices in America are out-of-control. It is truly insulting to see the wide variety of insurance that bureaucrats would like us to believe we can’t live without. You are wasting thousands of dollars every year by buying all the insurance companies offer. Take a look at policies and get rid of what is not necessary. Insurance is legalized gambling. How can you gamble against yourself if you’re betting against yourself? Pursue your dreams instead!