Insurance Agents – Get Your Insured Clients Paid on Their Personal Property Claims Faster!

Many people who purchase insurance through an agent don’t realize that most agents truly care about their customers.

Over the past twenty-five years, I’ve seen one of the biggest problems in my experience working on the claims side insurance. Agents can lose touch with their personal touch when they grow.

I’ve seen many brave agents walk through the sewers and snakes to check on their customers after major hurricanes. They usually have a check in hand and are often able to climb under and over fallen trees.

Problem is that the news media don’t put those stories out, they focus on stories in a negative light.

As both an employee and independent claims adjuster, I have seen a particular problem when it comes to people who have suffered damage to their homes and businesses over the past two decades. Personal property claims can make your customers unhappy and slow down the closure of their claims.

Insurance companies are more accommodating when it comes to a claim for personal property, especially in the face of major storms. It’s obvious. You have seen it.

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Any additional information beyond the normal receipts and/or photographs is required. After a few weeks, or when volume has subsided, companies begin to adhere to black-and-white policy procedures to stop their customers from claiming a 72″ plasma screen TV.

When this happens, complaints begin to roll in and customer satisfaction plummets along with customer retention.

Imagine if you could show customers how to protect the value of their property, and have all the documents you need to help them and the adjusters quickly process their claims and get their claims checked faster.

It’s now easier to provide great customer service!

The new service, designed to:

o Accelerate the claim process for personal property losses of customers
o Record the owner’s personal property.
o Confirm repairs and replacements for customers’ damaged or current property.
o Access to photos and receipts 24 hours a day, 365 days a calendar
The service is available for residential as well as business customers.

Imagine being able offer an insurance-related service product to your valued customers. This will not only benefit your customer but also provide valuable benefits for you and your insurance company.

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This new service will save you time and money.

You have access to photographs of the damaged property and home of your customer.
See photos of storm damage in the past.
This reduces the time it takes for adjusters to report.
The customer can provide temporary access codes to view their belongings, even if they have just destroyed the house.
Your customers will be able to get their claims money whenever they need it.
Their world-class data center allows you to save space on your company’s data storage.

As an agent, you have taken photos of homes and businesses for many years. This new service allows agents to digitally document their customers’ personal property. If they have to file an insurance claim, everything can be accessed by you and your adjusters.

Your customers (the people you serve) think that they only pay their insurance policy month after month and year after year.

They want to make their lives better. The new service product was created for this purpose and has additional features that could stop insureds from trying to make a profit off their claims.

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The product comes with a referral system that allows customers to tell others about it. This is how an agent can earn a residual income from customers who automatically renew their policies.

This new service offers a referral option that is a huge benefit to anyone who has personal property in their home or office, or knows someone who does. It also applies to insurance agents who have any type of business.

Being an insurance agent is a great career choice because you can make residual income. It’s a fact that is undisputed. This service allows customers to not only better document their personal property for the purpose of filing a claim but also to make some extra cash.

You, as an agent, have the opportunity to do the exact same. If your customers receive this service, you can provide faster claims service to them, increase your retention rate, make your company more profitable, and help your adjusters close their claims quicker.

Adjusters can earn a lot of money by going out to perform digital photo services for customers. Referring customers to the service could be as simple as referring them. You can also take photos for your customers by having the adjusters do it. Or you can have your junior associates or yourself take the photos and get both the field and referral fees.

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I have been involved in the insurance industry for many years and can attest to the fact that this product is great for everyone.

Steve has been helping people resolve their insurance claims for over 25 years. Steve’s mission it to help you protect your home and your business from the next major storm or catastrophe. Also, show you how to speed up your insurance claims and get your money faster.