Insurance Selling Advice Tips – Stay Inside Your Comfort Zone


The key to great insurance advice is easy ways to increase sales. One common misconception is that more prospects automatically means more insurance sales. It is easier to disqualify prospects easily, which makes you a closer. This is how it works.

Nearly all insurance agents are under pressure to work hard beyond their comfort zones. The comfort zone is almost opposite to the twilight area. If you push too far outside of your selling comfort zone, you’ll feel like you’re in the twilight zones.

DETERMINE YOUR COMFORT ZONE Draw a circle on a piece of paper to determine your current comfort zone. Take a look at the average home value in your neighborhood. Place your average figure in the middle of the circle. For example, $150,000 Multiply that number by.3 and add 30%. Add this figure to the original amount. For example, ($195,000). This new amount is what you write down from outside your circle. Recall your previous ten sales. Place an “x” on the circle if they were in your neighborhood. If the house had more value, place a “x” outside your circle.

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WHAT DOES IT MEAN? How many marks were an ‘x’ and how many were an ‘y? I would be willing to accept that you had more “x” than “y” marks. My advice to you if you’re like most insurance agents would be that it is normal. You are comfortable selling to people in the same income brackets as you. My tip is to slowly move up in order to meet more prospects in the Y or yes zones.

SET YOURSELF A VERY TOUGH GOAL. Your goal for the next 90 days is to increase your “y” yes marks by 2% beyond your comfort zone. This would raise your insurance premiums and your commissions. This goal seems easy in theory, but it is difficult to achieve and maintain.

THE COMPANY SALE ZONE Talk to your sales manager and you will get the truth, not a fairy tale. Ask your sales manager what the average sales volume is for all agents and the average house price information in the area. You will get the outrageous figures, which are the exact same as the ones the career agency is looking for. Give yourself a mental boost. Find out the zip code where your sales manager resides. You can then search the internet for census data to find out his earnings and the value of the homes around him. The trick to finding his income is to divide the house value by 3 and you’ll get an estimate. Now you can determine his comfort zone. Advice – Don’t tell him.

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Your comfort zone and your expectations of your insurance sales manager are two examples. This is insurance advice and detective work. It is possible to find out that only 20% of your colleagues are working with the company’s ideal clients on a regular basis. The remaining 80% will be within their personal comfort zone or close to it.

You will not be able to sell to clients 50% outside of your comfort zone. This will lead to a lack of sales and a false sense that you are insufficient in your sales skills. It’s easier to find a position in sales that is within your comfort zone. You must build your sales skills by taking small steps.