Learn the Number 1 Reason Why Most Agents and Advisors Struggle Today!

We all know that there are three critical areas every financial advisor, insurance agent and financial planner must master if they wish to be successful in the great profession of insurance sales and financial planning.

(1) Creating a steady stream of high quality sales leads…

(2) Turning IDEAL Sales Leads into High-Quality Sales Appointments…

(3) Consistently turning those appointments into profitable sales…

It all begins with the generation of high-quality sales leads.

Unfortunately, 90% of all financial advisors, insurance agents, and financial planners are in this position!

Problem is, 95% of advisors, planners, and agents today are being told that selling annuities, life insurance, and financial services is a numbers game. It is a constant message that they receive: the more they meet, the more they will sell insurance, annuity, and investment products. Technically, that could be true.

But, most advisors, planners, and insurance agents are being told that selling annuities, life insurance, and their services is a numbers game. Instead of focusing on finding quality, high-quality sales leads, they focus on finding high ‘quantities. This means that they waste a lot of time and money trying to find the right sales prospects. They then wonder why they have difficulty setting up appointments and closing sales.

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Stop chasing the wrong prospects Stop chasing the wrong prospects if you want to be successful in the business and reach the highest sales levels. The majority of people who start selling insurance are unsuccessful and leave the industry within five years. It’s also a major reason that the average annual net income of financial advisors, planners, and insurance agents (reported by LIMRA), is less than $40,000 annually!

Contrary to what companies selling sales leads or systems will tell you, the majority of managers, trainers and recruiters in the insurance industry will tell…

Sales is not a numbers game. There are no shortcuts or magic cures!

It doesn’t matter how many leads are available… It doesn’t matter how many leads you have. If those leads aren’t the ‘RIGHT’ Sales Leads, and you don’t consistently turn them into high-quality sales appointments and then into sales, it won’t matter.

It’s up to you! You can believe the hype. You can continue to search for the magic bullet, or you can struggle and become one among the 90 %… Who Didn’t Make it!

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You can also learn from the top producers!

To consistently earn a six-figure income, you must learn how to:

* Generating a steady stream of high quality sales leads… for your niche market, specialties and expertise!

Once you have established a steady stream of prospects for your specialty ‘…, you can then use the right sales tools, training, and coaching to learn the questions, scripts, and specialized selling techniques you need to:

* Consistently turn 9 out of 10 of your ideal sales leads into high quality sales appointments!

* You will consistently turn 9 out of 10 of your high-quality sales appointments into profitable sales!

Yes, you can make appointments with right prospects and close 9 out of 10 sales! If you are able to solve a specific problem for them, then yes! You can help prospects see you as an expert and trusted financial advisor, rather than just a salesperson!

Contrary to what you’re being told, closing sales and setting up sales appointments is not about you, your knowledge, or your investment returns. It is all about the prospects and how they will benefit from meeting you. It is important to learn how to ask the right questions to help your prospects see their problems and then provide solutions.

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Your prospect may not see a problem, so why should they meet you?

Yours in Success, Lew Naon, ‘The Nine Out Of Ten Guy’ Trainer, Coach, and Mentor