MetLife insurance review

MetLife insurance is most well-known for its employer-sponsored coverage. However, they also sell direct to individuals. While most insurance companies offer home and auto insurance, MetLife offers life, disability and vision insurance. However, some coverages are not available outside the workplace.

Zurich Insurance and Farmers Group completed the MetLife acquisition in April 2021. Customers will continue to receive the same services, even though the company is being rebranded. Over the next months, changes to policies could be made gradually. Bankrate’s MetLife Insurance Review can help you choose the right policy for you.

MetLife auto insurance

MetLife auto insurance offers standard coverage for your cars, including liability and collision, comprehensive, and many other options. Some optional coverages are not available elsewhere. These include special parts replacement for car parts such as tires and brakes. MetLife also offers vehicle insurance for classic cars, commercial vehicles, and ride-share drivers.


  • Liability coverage: This is the minimum mandatory auto insurance in most states. It covers you in case your vehicle injures someone else or causes damage to another vehicle.
  • Collision coverage and comprehensive coverage protect your vehicle against accidents and collisions as well as weather damage, theft and vandalism.
  • Personal injury coverage: This policy covers your medical expenses if you are injured in an accident.
  • Uninsured or underinsured motorists coverage : To provide protection in the event of an accident with someone who has very little to no insurance.
  • Rental car coverage – This can help to cover the costs of an accident that you cause while driving a rental vehicle.
  • If you are looking for a replacement car for a vehicle that is not in use, this option may be a good choice.
  • This coverage covers the cost of replacing major parts, such as tires and brakes.
  • Gap coverage: This covers your car loan if the vehicle is totaled.
  • You can get your windshield repaired without a co-pay.
  • Towing, roadside assistance, and labor cost coverage: This will reimburse for any towing or roadside assistance expenses.
  • Legal defense costs: Your legal fees may be refunded if you are sued for an incident.
  • Identity theft: This protection is included in all policies that help to prevent identity theft and aid in identity restoration.
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MetLife auto insurance: What is the cost?

Review Bankrate’s average car insurance cost to compare MetLife to other major insurers. Minimum coverage is the minimum amount required by a state to insure against liability. This covers you for injuries or damages caused to others. Full coverage provides financial protection for your vehicle and includes comprehensive and collision insurance. MetLife’s annual rates for full and minimum coverage are slightly higher than the national averages at $565 and $1674, respectively.

Get Discounts

  • Deductible savings: Every year, you could be eligible to receive cash to cover your deductible.
  • MetRewards and discounts for superior drivers: Your entire family could be eligible to save even more if they have exceptional driving records.
  • Bundle and Save: Consider Combining your auto insurance with your home insurance to save on both.
  • Student discount: A good student can save up to 10% on their premium.

MetLife Home Insurance

MetLife provides insurance to homeowners, condo residents, and landlords. These policies have customizable options that allow you to customize a policy to suit your particular circumstances. MetLife offers standard and optional coverages at competitive prices. This includes replacement cost coverage that pays out on a claim without regard to depreciation.

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  • MetLife home coverage covers events such as hail, hail, fire and theft. MetLife provides coverage that will replace your items if they are damaged or destroyed by a natural disaster or tragic event.
  • Liability coverage covers legal fees in the event you are sued for an incident that occurred on your property.
  • MetLife insurance quotes include Identity Protection Services in most states.
  • Every policy includes MetLife insurance customer support and flexible payment options.

MetLife Home Insurance: What is the Cost?

If you have a mortgage on your house, your lender will usually require home insurance. For $250,000 of dwelling coverage, the average cost for homeowners insurance through MetLife is $1.252 per annum. There are a few things that can help you save money, such as your deductible and where you live.

Get Discounts

  • Discounts for members and employers: Your employer may offer discounted home insurance.
  • Safety discounts: You can get a discount in most states if you have a fire alarm system, sprinkler system or smoke detectors. MetLife insurance quotes may be reduced if you have theft prevention devices, such as burglar alarms and deadbolt locks.
  • MetLife offers significant savings when you bundle your home and auto insurance.
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MetLife Life Insurance

MetLife offers life insurance through group and employer-sponsored plans. To ensure that your loved ones are able to receive the tax-free lump sum you choose, you pay a monthly premium.

Different types of policies

  • Term insurance is the simplest and most cost-effective type of life insurance. You can choose the amount of coverage and the time period you want. Your loved ones will receive a death benefit if you die during your coverage period.
  • Whole-life insurance: This is permanent life insurance that does not have a time limit and has fixed monthly premiums. It pays a death benefit to loved ones. Also, it includes an interest-bearing cash-value account that you can access throughout your life.
  • Universal Life Insurance: This policy is similar to whole-life insurance but has more flexible premium payments terms and offers the possibility to increase your cash value by investing.

Get Discounts

  • Combine your MetLife auto insurance with MetLife insurance products to get a multi-policy discount

MetLife reviews, ratings, customer satisfaction, and complaints

Customers rate MetLife insurance highly. The 2021 J.D. ranked the carrier as the best. The Power Property Claims Satisfaction Study scored 904 out 1000. MetLife’s life and vehicle insurance reviews are average. It scored 886 points in satisfaction with auto claims and 744 for life insurance (the average in the industry was 761). MetLife scored 1.13 on the NAIC complaint index. 1 is the median. A company’s score is a measure of how many customer complaints they have against them. It is a long-term market player, as demonstrated by its financial stability, A+ (Superior) by AM Best.

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MetLife’s Bankrate Score of 3.8 is calculated by taking into consideration the company’s financial strength, customer service ratings, and average Quadrant Information Service rates. After a detailed analysis of the company’s products and services, pricing, discounts, online resources, and pricing, the score was calculated.

MetLife mobile apps

MetLife US is available on both Android and Apple devices. It has a rating of 3.8 out 5 with more negative reviews than positive. The app’s technical issues, difficulty in setting up an account and the confusing interface are the most common complaints. The app was well-received by users who used it. They appreciated the ease of viewing documents and paying bills.

MetLife’s My Journey app is more popular. The company can monitor your driving with the help of a telematics application. It can monitor your driving habits, such as whether you keep within the speed limit or engage in hard stops. You may be eligible to receive up to 30% off your premium if you have excellent driving habits. This is not available in all states, so check with your agent to see if it’s possible.

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MetLife: Top Reasons to Consider

MetLife is a long-standing, respected insurance company. MetLife is financially sound, provides round-the-clock service and gives tech-savvy customers tools to help them manage their policies from anywhere. Identity theft protection services are available in all standard car, home and renters insurance policies.

MetLife rates are not the lowest in all states, but the flexible payment plans and available discounts can help even those with tight budgets save. MetLife is a reliable insurer that offers all the required coverages and makes it easy to file a claim.

MetLife offers additional policies

MetLife also offers these insurance policies:

  • Dental
  • Disability
  • Life
  • Vision
  • Accident and Health
  • Annuities

Questions frequently asked

What are MetLife’s other lines of insurance?

MetLife sells insurance policies for vision, renters, landlords, disability and accident, as well as business and personal insurance policies.

How can I file a MetLife insurance policy claim?

Are you looking for information about MetLife insurance claims? Make a claim online. To get started, you will need to log in or call MetLife customer service 24/7. MetLife also offers a mobile app that allows you to file a claim from your phone.

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How do I get a MetLife insurance quote?

Online quotes are available. An agent will contact you within one day to provide more information. The agent will need information about you, including your marital status and age, and details about your home and past insurance history. MetLife’s no-medical exam policy is the best option for you if you are applying to life insurance.

MetLife is changing its name

Farmers Group acquired MetLife’s home and auto insurance in April 2021. These lines of insurance no longer belong to MetLife. MetLife’s home and auto insurance customers will be branded differently, although the policies that they have will likely stay the same.

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