Minimum Requirements for Taxi Insurance


Before you are eligible for taxi insurance, there are some conditions you must meet. These conditions are intended to protect both the driver as well as the insurer. They might offer you a different package, but at a higher rate than other providers, if you don’t meet these conditions. The next step is to calculate the benefits and costs associated with the product you want to purchase. These protocols should be followed in all steps of the application process. Your taxi insurance policy could be invalidated if you fail to comply with these requirements.

1. You must be an owner of a taxi business or an operative. Taxi insurance is only available to those in the industry. It is very expensive to get it in another setting. Be sure to read the requirements. On the schedule, you must specify your business purpose. They will also need to verify that your business premises are available and that you are actively involved in the sector. These checks are required for all industry providers so it is impossible to avoid them.

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2. Driving is a skill that must be acquired. Although the European Union may accept licenses from other member countries, they require that you upgrade your driving licence within a reasonable time. If the provider fails to comply with this requirement, they could get into legal problems. The police may consider your entire policy invalid and charge you with driving without insurance.

3. Criminal activities should be avoided. There are strict restrictions. If you are convicted of criminal activity, you should make sure you visit a specialist provider. Many providers won’t offer taxi insurance if you have been convicted. Even if the conviction has not been served, these rules still apply. These services are subject to your good behavior as that is a risk factor.

4. You must be licensed by your local authority. The local authority ultimately decides whether or not you are allowed to drive a mini-cab. Before you can pass the driving test, you will need to have your license in order. Some taxi insurance companies will not accept your application unless the local authority has approved it. If you don’t have permission from the appropriate authorities, you shouldn’t be doing this type of work. Your application folder must contain accurate information about your status. Otherwise, the entire policy may be invalidated.

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5. All claims must be supported by documentation. The taxi insurance company won’t accept your work if it comes time to file a claim. These providers can be very lax at the beginning and will raise the issue when you try to file a claim. An investigator will search for any facts you may have overlooked. It is better to seek out the appropriate authorities if you are unsure about something than making incorrect decisions. To ensure you receive full coverage, it is best to adhere to the specifications. This is both a legal and commercial matter.