New York Central Mutual Insurance Review

New York Central Mutual was established in 1899. It employs 800 people to provide insurance services for central New Yorkers. NYCM Insurance is managed by the great-grandson of the founder. He ensures that the 490,000.00 home, auto, and commercial policies under his care are taken care of with the greatest commitment to excellence.

New York Central Mutual car insurance

New Yorkers face high car insurance premiums. New York drivers can’t control the prices charged by car insurers in New York. However, they can seek discounts. New York Mutual offers a wide range of coverage options and discounts that can help drivers make car insurance more affordable.

Types of coverage

  • Property and bodily Injury Liability: Mandatory by the state. Liability coverage covers damages to other people and injuries if you are at fault for an accident.
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP: Mandated by the state, PIP covers lost wages, medical bills, and funeral expenses.
  • Uninsured motorist The state requires you to pay for damage caused by other drivers who don’t own vehicle insurance.
  • Collision coverage: While liability insurance covers only damages to other people, optional collision coverage will pay for the repair or replacement of your vehicle if it is damaged in an accident.
  • Comprehensive coverage: Optional coverage which extends your vehicle’s protections to include theft, vandalism and fire damage.

New York Central Mutual car insurance: What is the cost?

New York is home to the highest insurance premiums in the nation, as previously mentioned. New York’s insurance requirements are higher for all drivers. This includes liability and uninsured motorist. It also has higher insurance premiums. Your New York Central Mutual car insurance premiums almost triple when you add full coverage to cover damages to your vehicle.

Average Annual Premium for Minimum InsuranceAverage annual premium for full coverage

Get Discounts

  • Electronic fund transfers: Enable autopay to receive 2.5% off
  • Bundling – Combine car, home, and umbrella insurance and NYCM Insurance will offer you a discount up to 25%
  • Discount on Driver Training: Drivers Under 21 Can Get 6 to 10 Percent off Their Premiums After Completing an Approved Driver-Ed Course
  • Defensive driving course for Drivers from other ages can get 10 percent off their accident prevention courses.
  • Student away from school: Students younger than 24 years old are eligible for a 25% reduction in premiums, if they live more than 100 miles away.
  • Safety: Vehicles with passive and automatic airbags are eligible for a 30% discount. Additional 3 to 7 percent discount on anti-lock brakes, daytime running lamps and other devices.
  • Anti-theft : Policyholders who have comprehensive vehicle insurance can receive up to 25% off equipment like alarms, window engraving, and passive disabling.
  • New car: You can get up to 30% off your new-model vehicle for three years if you have collision coverage.
  • Full payment: Prepay for 10% off
  • Excellent student: Students who have a minimum B average receive 10% off their car insurance.
  • Senior: Drivers 65+ receive 5 percent off their insurance.

New York Central Mutual Home Insurance

New York has many home-insurance companies. New York Central is different from other insurance companies because it is primarily focused on the Central New York area and nothing else. NYCM insurance is managed by local residents and neighbours who are familiar with your needs as homeowners.

Types of coverage

  • Dwelling Property: This is included in a basic package that covers your home and any other structures on the property such as sheds, gazebos, or garages.
  • Protects your personal property from loss or damage.
  • Loss in use: You will be reimbursed for living expenses if your house is not habitable.
  • Personal Liability: Take steps to meet your legal obligations.
  • Medical payments Covers medical expenses for guests who are injured while on your property.
  • Appliance and equipment breakdown: Offers extended warranty that covers repairs or replacements of home systems, such as HVACs and appliances.
  • Utility Line: Optional coverage for repairs or replacements of underground, electric, cable and phone lines.
  • Flood – Optional coverage to cover water-related losses in an area flood.
  • Water damage: Covers water-related damages and losses due to overflows or backed-up plumbing.

Get Discounts

  • Multi-Policy: Get a discounted rate when you bundle your auto and home insurance.
  • Home-buyer Homes purchased prior to the effective date.
  • Remote workers may earn up to 5% if they telecommute at least 20 hours per semaine.
  • Retirement: Individuals 55 and older who are planning to retire can apply.
  • Renovation: Homeowners who have at least 20-years of age can get a reduction on their premiums to upgrade their primary heating system or roof.
  • No claim: Take 10% off your homeowners insurance if you haven’t had any claims within the past five years.
  • Green: Homes that have LEED certification will be eligible for a 5 percent discount
  • Gated community You’ll be eligible for a discount if you live in a community that has security and limited access.
  • Protective devices If you have installed water, fire, and/or security alarms or your own generators for back-up power, you can get discounts

New York Central Mutual: Reasons why it is a good choice

New York Central Mutual is an excellent option for those who live in Central New York and want to support family-owned, local businesses. NYCM Insurance may be small in comparison to other insurance companies, but it offers many coverages for homeowners and drivers. New York Central Mutual may not be the most affordable insurance company in New York but it offers many discounts that make its premiums more competitive.

Ratings, reviews, customer satisfaction, and complaints about New York Central Mutual

Customers and credit rating agencies rate NYCM Insurance highly. AM Best rates New York Central Mutual Insurance above average in terms of financial stability and gives it an A. Customers rate NYCM Insurance among the top three in New York State for auto insurance. With an index of.33, NYCM Insurance has the lowest customer complaints among insurance companies. This is well below the national average of 1.

A.M. Best

New York Central Mutual Insurance
J.D. J.D.Auto for New York: 837 1 of 1000
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Questions frequently asked

What are the steps to obtain a quote from New York Central Mutual

To request a quote online you will need to provide some information about yourself, such as your date of birth, criminal convictions, past accidents, and ZIPcode. You can also call or visit a New York Central Mutual agent.

How can I file a claim at New York Central Mutual

For assistance, call the hotline at 1-800-234-6926 for a 24-hour claim or your agent.