Online Insurance Adjuster Training

An average student profile for adjusters is in the mid-40’s. Many people who discover about insurance adjusting are referred to it by someone they know, or have met through their current job as an adjuster. Many people come from construction jobs that involve roofing, remodeling, and other types of construction where they interact with adjusters occasionally. While this is not a perfect description of all those who enter the field of adjustment, it is a common one.

Once you are curious about what it takes to become an adjuster, the first thing on your to-do list should be to obtain your adjuster license. You must first apply for your state’s resident adjuster license to become an adjuster. While there are some states that allow you to obtain a nonresident adjuster’s license without obtaining your home state license, I recommend that you start with your home. Texas is the best state to be licensed in if you live in a state without an adjuster license.

You go on Google, type “Texas Insurance Adjuster License”, and you will be presented with pages after pages of licensing classes. There are several online classes that can help you get your adjusters license. I have looked at many online and live classes, and most of the time found poor classes. They all do what they promise. They will issue you your Texas Department of Insurance certificate and help you get your insurance adjuster license. They can help you gain the knowledge you need to become a successful insurance adjuster.

Online classes can be confusing and provide questions that are not related to insurance. These classes were clearly written by a poor man in a cubicle who was told to put the class out and didn’t know anything about being an adjuster. The state approved the class. Sure. It’s possible. But what would you gain from it? It’s probably not.

You should look for classes taught by real adjusters as a guideline. They can give you practical information that is applicable to your field.

Online training is a great option. Online classes offer incredible value for many people. Online classes are usually cheaper than traditional training. Online classes can be taken at any hour. You don’t have to miss 3-4 days of class to attend a live class. This can lead to significant cost savings. Online classes eliminate the need to travel and pay for lodging in order to attend classes. Add all this together and the difference in cost between an online and live class could be anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000.

Many people focus only on the cost of the class, forgetting about the travel costs to and from the training site. Some people aren’t comfortable with computers. Online training is easier than ever. The technology has advanced greatly. My company strives to make its online classes feel like a classroom. This is not a common practice for all companies, so make sure to ask questions before you commit your money. To be a successful adjuster, your computer skills will need to be up to par. This is another reason to embrace technology and not be afraid of it.

Technology is becoming more important for adjusters. Even carrier certifications are moving to online environments. For a successful career, embrace technology and learn as much as you can.