Prepare Yourself for Collision and Car Insurance Claims


Two reasons are why we purchase car insurance. To fulfill state requirements. To protect our assets in case of an accident. Although the monthly premiums may seem unnecessary, you will be thankful you made that sacrifice in case you are involved in an accident. You would be responsible to repair your vehicle, or to purchase a new one, as well as any medical bills that were incurred because of the accident. If you are found to be at fault, you may also be responsible for any damages caused by the other party. This could include wages and property damage. It is worth the premiums, if you really think about it. There is one problem: not all car insurance claims will be accepted. An accident in a car can cause severe trauma, especially if the claim is denied. First, ensure that you drive safely. When you compare auto insurance rates you will see that people with clean driving records and no claims receive the best deals. Even the most cautious driver can be involved in an accident. A few precautions can help you to be safe and increase your chances of getting your claim accepted. Do the following immediately after an accident:

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Call 911

This will enable you to notify paramedics as well as the police about the accident. Even if there aren’t obvious injuries, everyone needs medical attention. The effects of shock, whiplash, and internal injuries can often be delayed and last a long time. A police report will greatly help in the process of filing a car insurance claim.

Take photos

Photographic evidence of all damage to vehicles and property. Also, debris and any injuries.

Information from another party

Find out the phone number, address, and insurance information of the other party. If they are found to be at fault, their insurer will pay for any damages.

Gather Witnesses

Ask witnesses what they saw, and if they are willing to give witness accounts. Note their names and contact numbers. It is possible to use their testimonies to determine who was responsible.

Determine if the damage is sufficient to file a claim

Your claims history will reflect an accident, which can impact your auto insurance rates and quotes. Don’t make a claim unless absolutely necessary. Assess the damage and determine if it is possible to repair it yourself. Also, consider whether the deductible or any increases in premiums are worth the cost of the claim.

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Contact your car insurance company ASAP

You should contact your insurance company immediately if you are going to file a claim. The sooner you tell them about the accident, and provide them with all the information necessary, the quicker your car will be repaired. You should also ensure that these items are always in your car. They will not only help you get the help you need, but will also enable you to collect evidence that could be crucial to prove your fault.

Registration License

Your license and registration must be with you when you drive. If police are called to an accident scene, they will likely ask for your registration and license. So make sure you have these documents on hand.

Proof that you are insured

You must have this document when you drive. Failure to do so can result in heavy fines. It will facilitate insurance information exchange between the parties in case of an accident.

First Aid Kit

Your life could be saved by having a First Aid Kit. The First Aid Kit is a great way to help someone who has been injured in an accident. It can also provide some minor medical care until the ambulance arrives.

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Mobile Phone

Your cell phone is invaluable, especially after an accident, whether you are calling 911 or informing your family/friends and even contacting your insurer ASAP.

List of medical conditions

Paramedics will be able to provide you with the necessary treatment even if your medical condition is not listed.

Disposable camera/camera phone

A camera will enable you to take photos of the accident and damage, which will help you assign fault and provide accurate information to your insurance company, which will increase your chances of getting your claim accepted.

Air Bags

Air bags can save lives. These bags are so efficient that most car insurance companies will offer a discount for you to install them

Insurance is a way to feel secure and calm. You can avoid having your car accident claim rejected by following the above advice. If your claim is denied, your premiums will be wasted, which can lead to feeling deceived. If you feel that your claim was denied, you can appeal to your State Insurance Commissioner.

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