Rebuild or Reorganize SQL Index Maintenance


If performance is constantly falling, then people will check the systems that are involved in the design of the best practices. However, regular index maintenance has many benefits.

While index development is important for the moment, only maintenance can ensure that we don’t have empty memory.

Automated index maintenance is essential. It helps to control the runtime, IO usage and runs at lower volumes. To find out how much downtime is required, implement your index maintenance. Also, analyze how many tables can be turned off in each database.

Rebuild and reorganization allow each index to decrease in fragmentation.

A new fill factor can be used to rebuild an index, but only if the index is already disabled. It is important to not rebuild an index halfway through as it could roll back.

Reorganize is a very simple and lightweight option. It allows you to change the leaf level of your index. If you reorganize index maintenance, it will physically order pages and compact pages to allow you to apply and adjust fill factor settings.

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This program has the best feature that it can be done online and it doesn’t require you to cancel unlike the rebuild program.

Before you plan to rebuild or reorganize your home, there are some things you should consider.

  1. The standard edition of rebuild is not great as it always occurs offline and is only one thread.
  2. Online rebuilds are possible, provided that there are not large databases stored within it. However, this is a limited option and could lead to blockage.
  3. You should not use SQL Server 2012 SP1 or SP2 parallel online index rebuilds as this could lead to corruption and possibly cause damage to the entire system.
  4. Rebuilding the partitioned tables is the most difficult part. However, you can still rebuild the entire system online.
  5. Reorganizing can be quite cool. It defragments the index leaf level. The best thing about this process is that it can be done entirely online. One can pause and start over easily.

If you’re unsure how to rebuild or reorganize, then here are some examples.

  1. It is recommended to rebuild the index maintenance of SQL servers if you have a lot of downtime, such as every weekend.
  2. If you have an Enterprise Edition, you should go for index rebuilds. You can also use the online option to access the database. This is done during maintenance of your system window.
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