Selling Analysis of Sales Prospecting Techniques & Suspect Marketing – Why Johnnie Can’t Sell


Marketing sales analysis is a result of improper sales prospecting techniques to sell clients. Johnnie is a sales agent who has never been trained in prospecting techniques for finding the right people to buy. This marketing analysis reveals that the selling methods used to sell are not working. Johnnie won’t be able to sell until he learns target sales prospecting.

Suspect is the killer word. Johnnie can’t sell a suspect. A suspect is simply a person who might be interested in a sale. Analyzing the situation shows that nearly every person you contact can be considered a suspect. Sales are often possible, but not always very likely. This is why cold calling sales prospectors are often misled.

If you don’t know your target, it is difficult to hit the target. Direct salespeople rarely have a clear idea of their target market. Their mind and imagination are so cluttered that they mistakenly assume that the buyer is their target prospect. Sales representatives will assume, presume, suppose and construct, as well as imagine, believe and speculate about all types of people and firms that are worth following and marketing to in order to make sales. They are almost always wrong, and they will go bankrupt for attempting to incorrectly define a buyer.

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Buyers are not suspects. Suspects can be suspicious. Many suspects don’t have all the information needed to be able to sell their products or services. The salesperson’s time spent trying to find potential buyers is an enormous waste of their time. After seeing some potential, the representative attempts to push the firm or person into an interview. This is where the chance to make a sale might be possible. If enough probability is not already established, the probability is just a guess.

Your marketing prospects are likely to have 50% traits that can be used by buyers. You might have between 2% and 5% of the potential buyers, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. This is not accidental or coincidental, it’s a fact. Your company’s home office, your district selling location or your sales trainer are responsible for the fallacy that there are so many buyers. The local phone directory is full of suspects. They are cheap than a dime.

Johnnie cannot sell until Johnnie realizes that he or she is wasting valuable career time and has lost the ability to make sales.

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The suspects need to consider everything, whether they think the price should have been compared, or that they don’t require what is being offered right now. Prospective buyers are ready to buy. Prospective buyers want someone who is confident and skilled, can understand their emotions and help them find the right product for them.

More than 90% of sales reps are guilty of trying to fish up the wrong streams with the wrong equipment. They will see their careers end before they realize it. Direct salespeople often have to pay expenses for their product. This can lead to a time war. The problem must be fixed quickly and by yourself. If suspects are not found and converted to sales, 35% closing ratios could become 70%.

Analyze your marketing and sales methods. Spending a few dollars to build a solid prospect list will save you 50% of wasted time. You can save 75% of your time by setting up a direct mailing program.

God is good to those who are self-helpful. Johnnie and you are not helped by suspects.

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